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Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon - Arabic (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~07:32:49 - 07:47:49

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Clean your hands. Go and clean your hands. I want to sit down and play with it. Ahmad, go and get me the bag of paste sweetheart, I want to play with it. -It's there, on the bed. -Will you let me play? I'll see to that. ♪ You'll have victory, you'll have victory, oh sister you will have victory. Are you done? Yes. Shall I throw this in the trash or shall I put it in the sink? Oh! I don't know how to play with it, it goes up and down. Did you get it Ahmad? Dad didn't let me. It's on the bed, on the bed Hamzah. ♪ With sugar... -Yes! -It's too early! -Are you going to the market or not yet? -At 9:15. At 9:15, it's now 8:00 o'clock. They've broken it! Who? It can be fixed. -No, look, can it really be fixed? -Yes. Seems it would turn out nice looking. No, keep it in. It's broken! Keep it. What do you have inside your mouth? Quick. When I go to Uncle's, I will have him get me one. I'm going to sit and decorate. Maybe I want to play with the paste, or maybe I want to play with the cards. What are you going to do with these? Get me the Mickey Mouse. Get me the Mickey Mouse. ♪ I hear mom's voice. Mom, what time do I go for the check-up? After prayers you will be passing by. Will I be going together with Jamila? I want to stay there. No. Is this colored? Ahmad no! Where can you apply more? Apply more here, up. No, I don't have any. Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it! I am going to colour this pink. I got you another one instead. -No. -Did you damage it? No, what's it called, Jamila dropped it on the ground. I threw it away because it was damaged. What should I do? Shall I spank you? Shall I spank him! No colors? No colors? -There is. -Color it first. Colors? There isn't any glitter. There is, you color it and then you put the glitter on it. I don't have colors. I had sketches in my bag, I don't know who took them. Let me colour it with this, I want to decorate it. Look, see what I'll be doing once I am finished. You're going to... Those opened ones. Come here Hamzah, come here. You see this, the feet? The shoes? Color them. -All of them? -No, only this. Come here Ahmad. Why did you do that Ahmad? It wasn't me, what shall we do if it is detached? What do you think? Does it look nicer like this? No, with this! You should glue it, apply the glue. Why can't I just have nice stuff? That too? Wherever you want, where you put it too. Ahmad, Ahmad come here, come here. Sure. You see this, you do that to it. -With my hand or with the brush? -No with your hand, Like this, like this, but don't get it outside, never. -What do you mean? -Move this. No, no, let me. ♪ My nation's wound, is my wound. Stop it, stop it, stop it! -Did you see a cover for me? -Those, those too? Who's seen this one's cover Hamzah? Give me the pencil Why are you like that! Mum! Look what he's done to it! I am doing it like this. Well, this works out well if I want to hit you with it! -Is it nice? -It can be fixed, it can be fixed. Now get over this, you and him, leave it. Listen, leave them for me, once I am done, I will fix it. -Throw this away. -Hamzah give me the brush. -I gave it to you. -Here it is. -Where? -Here. What are you going to do with this? Whatever! Can I? Let me do some coloring. -No, I want to color it. -With the light colour. You and I, and if it turns out nicely, I would get another one, and let him do it by himself. Ahmad, what did I tell you to do a while ago? Hold this, Hamzah put the cover on... Give me. Look, it has no cover. The one without a cover, don't use it. No, there are ones without covers. There aren't any without covers, yesterday I fixed them all up with covers. Did you play with them? You don't have any! There is black, dark blue. See how it is. Wow! Don't do it, don't do it! Alright, that's it. -Be careful, you're on the camera. -Are you shooting me? She's shooting me, I am a star on TV. We're all on camera, you're already on camera, right Hamzah? Did she shoot me? Let me apply nail polish, please open it. Open the paste. Move it, move it, move it! It is like that? No like that. Yo, look what you've done. -Who? -Me. -Shall I paint it for you? -Yes, without a brush, without a brush. Come here. Get me some kleenex. -One? -Yes. -Why all of that? -You put all of that? -How should I know, nothing was coming out. I want to fix it once more, I erased them all. Only "I Love", and "V". Alright, now what I'm going to do is, I am done with this, and this looks nice too. Give me the Mickey Mouse, leave this one aside. I am going to sit down and work on this one. Why did you color the two on the upper side? What am I going to color it? Red? Golden? You color it red, you fool. This, is this how you color it Hamzah? This can't be colored? This can't be colored? Move, move, move! -There isn't any left. -There isn't any left? There isn't any left in this? No I am saying that. -Stop it! -Look, can I apply that? That one, it's about to finish. There is another one. -The brush? -No! -Who'd like to have some jam? -I do. Oh yeah right! -Who'd like to have a cheese sandwich? -I do. Just a moment, I will make it for you. I want to go out and play. -Go play. -Hold this. -Let me... -You go and play with your paste. -What have I got to do with it? -I'll color it with my hand okay? Red. Who did that? This is the first one that I have finished. -No! -Sweetheart. Hamzah give a piece of your paste to Ahmad. Let me close this for you. ♪ All my life is for Allah's sake! Can I make it bigger? Now that's the first one done. Look what shall I do. Ahmad don't use, don't use any of them, don't use any of them. -There is a net. -No, there isn't a net or anything. Yeah, to teach you a lesson on how to do this to me. Why, what have I done? I tell him give me this to play with..he says I don't want to, am I right Hamzah? Yes. Hamzah doesn't let me play, Hamzah doesn't let me play. Why say "he doesn't let me play"? He buys me stuff in the playground, yes. When I have no money, he's the one who buys me stuff, am I right Ahmad? Where are the cards? Remove these for me. I didn't use them. Which one? These cards here? I will use it, it's okay. ♪ Over, over the Haram, over... Jamila, look, the apples. Oh! I spoilt it. Will they instantly dry out now? Give me the brush. -♪ Beloved Prophet... -Be careful be careful! Don't apply too much. I wont apply too much, oh, look how nice the blue is. Ahmad, come here. -You see this one? -Yes. This and this, no. Listen to what you're going to do. If you get it outside God help you! Keep it within the lines, do you understand? And if you... Just a moment, I want to do something more. -I put it here for you. -It's like water Jamila. Give me my brush, later now- you won't know how to do it. I will make you another one. I will pick another one for you, look at me. Don't be upset, ok? I will give you another one. ♪ Over the Haram over... Do you see that? Put some of it here, open this one, put some of it here. Like this, a dot, see how, for example I have put some here.

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Producer: GLP- Lebanon
Director: Irene Herrera, Ron Carr
Views: 121
Posted by: glplebanon on Jun 23, 2009

Jamila at home.

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