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Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon - Arabic (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~19:27:26 - 19:42:26

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Yes! Abdallah. Sweetheart. Wow! I love this song! I absolutely adore it! And I know it by heart! Wearing a dress? Can that be? That's nuts! No, how come? That's true, it's a good idea. And this sweater is decorated with hearts. Here you have two hearts, here. It's wonderful! Wonderful! She's got an earring on. And wearing accessories... Humaid, Aboodeh... And married... White dress. My love! My love! What did I write? My love! Alright, forget it, forget it, they get marr... Love. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you... Either your name is "Hala", or I am drawing "Hala". Ayah just drives me nuts! ♪ Victory, victory, O' Gaza, you will have victory. I want to tie her hair with a hair band. Not Fatma, it's a lady, Fatma. No. You know what Ayah? This is the first time that I wear the scarf all the time. Ayah. Wearing shoes, for Ayah. How are you Ayah sweetheart? Look at who i will be drawing now. Fatma, you and Doaa, look! Now Dad... ♪ You teach me and you forget what you said Dad. ♪ You are my guidance and my idol Dad... Don't be upset. Give it to me. Dad give it to me! I want to play something. Come on Abdallah, Abdallah, a drum, like this. Wait a second, one moment, I am covering the pencil. Give it to me! Give that thing to me! Now Dad you will see, I will draw you and and Ahmad. ♪ Dad you have a telephone call, Dad tells you, he's not there. Tell them "bye", tell them "bye". ♪ Dad you told me, "bye"! Yes yes yes. Don't worry about it. ♪ People avoid him, tell him he's not there, tell him he's not there. What is his name? This is Abdallah, no, Abdallah is with Mom. This is Hamzah, when he was little. ♪ You teach me and you forget... We're going out? Great! Ahmad go ahead! Come on, I want to go! Dad, take me with you. Hamzah! That's you! What is going on? I don't want to go out. Mom, come over and look at what Ahmad's doing! Alright, this is Mom. ♪ Tell him he's not there, tell him he's not there. This is Mom, this is Dad. ♪ You will see victory, you will see victory, O Gaza you will see victory. Oops! Oh yes! I forgot to write it down. They're holding each other's hands! Look, Mum, Dad, Ahmad, Hamzah, Abdallah and Ayah. I forgot that I had completed it. Shall I draw it like this? Better. ♪ La la la... "I love you, Mom". Thank you, thanks. To you... Mother. My dear. No, it's not nice! What shall I do? Jamila... -??? It's okay, right now I don't want to play, keep it, I don't want She has eight. You. "You have to stop the camera". ♪ Peace is for your O Jerusalem, peace for you my country. If time casts its spears ♪ ♪ I will shield them with my heart. ♪ and you will be at peace all the time. ♪ La la la... ♪ La la la... ♪ Be at peace O' Jerusalem, I am there to sacrifice ♪ with my own hands, if the world stretches out its hand. ♪ You will never yield, never. ♪ I wish for that today and tomorrow. ♪ With me is my heart and my determination for Jihad. ♪ I neither sway, nor get bored, nor become lenient. Ahmad! Ahmad, come over talk to your sister, come! Ahmad is upset. -Why is he upset? -Why don't they get him on the camera just like they do with Jamila? They have a microphone on her, now if she speaks, whatever she says, they can record. -She can go like "pop!", now they're getting you on camera. Sit down. -May Allah bless you. Come over here, your sister is changing, come over here. She's not undressed, she's wearing her pyjamas. They put it here. They are changing her battery, they put it here, and the microphone here. -Look at what happened to the mattress. -Did it work out? We are stuffing the upper layer of the mattress. But Aunt Fatma, the layer is too small. Alright, bring a pillow case, I will place two or three for you on the bed. Give your Mum a shout, why is she late? Oh God, she's always late. Are they done with Jamila? No, not yet, I want to get her to go to bed. 24 hours, they stay with her. 24 hours? The stay here at your house? -Why? -That's the way it is. Come on Jamila, get your bag and put it beside the door, come on. The battery is done, it's open.

Video Details

Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Producer: GLP- Lebanon
Director: Irene Herrera, Ron Carr
Views: 205
Posted by: glplebanon on Jun 18, 2009

Jamila at home - evening.

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