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Hi. Thanks for joining this Dell webinar on Simplified Systems Management. Let's start with the primary goal which isto keep your PCs up and running – and your end users productive. Well the key to accomplishing both is good systems management, and I'm going to show you how Dell's approach will save you time, money and resources across your PC environment. Now, a solid systems management solution is based on 3 fundamental capabilities: First is the need to deploy and configure systems that comply with an organization's policies as well as address specific end-user access levels. Next is the need to keep track of them and identify which systems require attention. And third is the need to keep systems operating at peak efficiency with regular updates. Now that is well and good, but you and I both know that systems management can be very labor-intensive and time-consuming. It's also very task-oriented, and it wasn't that long ago that it required IT to touch every box, one by one. It made for some very long days...and more than a few long faces. Dell Client Command Suite changes all that. By streamlining and automating these fundamental capabilities it makes staying on top of systems management easy. When it comes to deployment, Dell Client Command Suite has customized driver packs. These take the guesswork out of getting the right driver set for your Dell systems, which saves you time and effort. Configuring is simplified too because Dell Client Command Suite lets you remotely automate and custom configure device settings to fit your needs. And because it monitors hardware for inventory or health state like battery life or hard drive failure, you can stay ahead of issues. Dell Client Command Suite can also identify, locate and install the latest firmware or device configuration updates so everything runs smoothly. No more hunting and pecking for what you need. That's cause for celebration on its own. Oh, and not only does Dell Client Command Suite cover all of your system management needs, it comes free with all commercial systems. And its capabilities don't stop there, because Dell Client Command Suite integrates uniquely with Intel vPro, extending its functionality to out of band systems. Which means you can access all your systems and make them available for updates all at once. Pretty sweet, huh? There's even a Remote Provisioning Tool to make vPro setup easy, so instead of taking months, it'll take less than an hour. So Dell Client Command Suite saves you money, time, and resources. On top of all that, it's also easy to use because Dell Client Command Suite modules can be used independently, or integrate with a variety of systems management consoles. If you want cloud-based management, it also integrates with VMware Workspace ONE, a leader in Unified Endpoint Management. Now you can manage all your endpoints – Windows 10 PCs, tablets, mobile phones – from a single, cloud-based console. You can even manage your Dell PCs all the way to the firmware through this same VMware Workspace ONE console. It doesn't get much easier than that. Now, the next thing I want to talk about simplifies management in a big way and it has to do with Dell and VMware Workspace ONE working together to offer something new and powerful: Windows 10 Provisioning. I'm talking about a zero-touch provisioning option for Dell PCs that's offered at no charge through Dell Configuration Services, for customers with a valid VMware Workspace ONE license. Windows 10 Provisioning by VMware Workspace ONE offers enterprise-ready Dell clients shipped directly from the factory to the end user. So now when an employee signs in for the first time, all the appropriate apps, policies and security download directly to the system. It's just like activating a smartphone. At this point, I think it's clear – whether you're on a traditional infrastructure or a cloud-based one, Dell has management solutions to help IT keep day-to-day systems running smoothly and efficiently, while keeping end users more productive. Thanks so much for joining me today for this webinar on Simplified Systems Management. If you'd like to learn more about how Dell solutions can save you time, money and resources across your PC environment, please contact your Dell sales representative. Thank you.

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