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Well, i suppose they're hardly going to do it wrong Whats goin on Mehdi? Nah..umm..i think i should have a look and see how this border thingy's goin.. Them lot are probably useless, I'll see ya later Ok, let me see you off then Mahmut, what is this? Its the border Sir. Well then why's the border like this? Borders aren't like this, what kinda border is this?! Did you check the measurements? I did and this is how it ended up. The measurements coincide with the old rocks Oh they do, do they?! -Yes the do Sir As simple as 3 X 3, the measurements and rocks match Mahmut..there must be a mistake. Please have a look. Swear to God Sir. This is it. Nah how can this be? The village's G.P, teacher, even the village whore and all the other important people are left on the other side For one or two houses, the huge border cant be changed. Close your eyes! Have you lot shut them? Im comin! Yeah come on Shall we open them? Not yet Open! MasAllah, may God protect you from the evil eye Hey Filiz, you look great girl! Its proper suited you Rahh, what's wrong with her? At Nazmiye's wedding, her husband was killed. Right infront of her, they shot him 8 times Poor girl, her husband had come all the way from Izmir and they shot him infront of her eyes. Ever since that day she hasn't spoken So they killed him right in front of her? If anyone was to kill Adem, i would cry like that too.. You should've seen Filiz's dress, it proper suited her During our times we didnt have wedding dresses like that Am i talkin to the wall Mehdi? Yo dont you think we're rushing it abit? What you talkin about Mehdi? The poor girl waited 2 years for Adem to come back from army service And then she waited a year and half for you to return What else is there to wait for? Yo just wait until everythings finished and the borders put in place first... Then we'll see what happens... Mehdi im gonna cook you Nuhut Food for your dinner Put extra meat in it Ok Is Adem sleeping? Yeah he's sleeping He came home late last night Shadiye concentrate on your maths and make sure you make Jemil work hard aswell Have a good day at work daddy Thank you Theres rice aswell alright, alright.. Selam Aleykum Mahmut Aleykum Selam Yo how great is it that this borders here? What an honour to have a border like this. How nice and free we can come and go It is an honour to have this here, but when its official, its going to be even better It will be, wont it? Ohh Mehdi! Hows it going? Whats new? im good thank you, you? Im very well thanks to God, im just on my way to circumcise Ramazan's son So when are you planning on doin Jemil's Sunnet (circumcision)? Shall we do it this week? InsAllah if no mishaps take place Ahh come on, what mis-haps can happen? Or Mehdi.. is it 'cause your a government official now.. dont you approve the way i cut because im just town folk? Are you gonna get a doctor to cut it? Nah course not. But look my dear Rahim.. Literally when the border gates open.. You need a pass..umm how should i explain this? The world has 1001 problems OK. I brought you Lokum (Turkish Delight) From this side. Yes from this side..may u enjoy it Thank you. Sir. You do know that this would be considered bribery to pass the border Nah man Swear to God. We have to be careful Turkish kids cant live without our fathers In the darkness, may you show us the way Our land is worthy of our country With the help of the people who live within the mansion lifestyle, when there is heroes at the top This government wont go no further When the Aristocrat is first in line The goodness in their heart has gone rusty Girls come on hold each others hands Let your hands join together Play the drums, play the drums Let the barrier break! Girls let me see you turn around Let me see that belly whine! May the long black wires fall apart We'd like to call to the stage Mr Mehdi To My Government Official, To my Emin Shehri, to my commandos,To my colleagues, My dear people We're gathered here today because we have an important issue to deal with. Look at Mehdi the Villager, he thinks hes some kind of president The border protection control has put this protection here Us here will put into place, the border. We will build it and live it So what is Border Prrotection? Its written in the name Is there even any need for me to explain that? There is! There is! So..there is? Now..the border protection will protect the border. If there was no border protection, then who would protect the border? Ok so what is a border? A border..since it is something that has to be protected. It must be important. The barbed wire is there to map the edges our country Dont just pass it off as map edges what is a map edge useful for? well when you look at a map, you can see right away where your country and home towns are. My dear loving intuitive people You're all, both smart and intuitive people and you understand what im talking about, dont you? Well I've finished! Now for the grand opening, Id like to invite to the border..the Government Official Welcome my friend Ahh congratulations my good friend Mehdi, im so proud of you For the country and the people of it, may this be a blessing Thank you, thank you

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