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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~13:57:36 - 14:13:53

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Where is it remote control? Let me put in the Have a look at that one, working please arts driver Wellington driver of art Let me finish eating, it's quick there is no way we can make up that After today, yesterday, all over brother Have a look at Zoia there We are going to stand up here What? sent it inside here? You just need to go to the street brother My father didn't see At the filed today, the guys were there, Wilson and Erimar today So, Paulinho? Did you put the thing there? Pa Pa? I just returned from there I am not showing to anyone brother Brother? was it OK? I tell you. She is thyn and so on Are you throwing the kicks? Hey, if someone will give me 3 Reais I will go to the supermarket to get a 3 litre Coke And the litre? No, coke, 3 litres Get 4 litres No He did not close yet, did he? You took too long brother, if you want you can do session 2 there Did you finish? It stopped, Wellington. What stopped? It stopped there I finished painting my bedroom today Did you finish? Which colour Claudio? Yellow Paulo, did you paint? Yes, me and Gi Hey brother, are you putting your family to work? No, nothing happened, the tape went all over and kept stringing the thieve? Active pair No. It was moral support brother Look, there Where is your father Paulo? What? Your father, where is he? Behind, above the kitchen And your brother? My brother is behind there Where, on the slab? Yes, he made a room and a bedroom, and Bartiro made a kitchen Only that? Well brother, started working there I will also have to start working, I will Outfrag Then I will buy a Play Station 2, buy a Final Then people can go there I don't want to go to your house brother Now, I am leaving now After you lift those things Joao Because you never want to leave home you thing nobody wants to go out? Fighting with my brother? Stop Joao Didn't you fight with him and beat him? get on with it Did you beat him, Paulinho? No, it' not? Does he have a wife Paulo? Yes, he does But has children? No So, put him to run away Well, you have, you have Yes, but it doesn't turn Is this the right tape? Was I cheated? What are you looking for? I think I wil put the other one, hey? I think is time That's OK Did the dread passes there? Blond? No, no Rael, without putting you on the scheme Get some cold water for me Come in, come in, that I am quickly going to the loo Then , get and put on top that I will get it What? Put on top that I will get it Dady said he was going to get there Mum Dont we have here? No, there is only wine there Where is the water? Geez! I got the water bottle yesterday and took to the street Paulo Yes There is no cold water, but we got ice Rael, did you buy the vaseline? Sapo? Rael? Did you buy the vaseline? No brother There is none of these there that I had that I used to take turn Don't you have it? Thanks Mum Oh, sorry Thanks Mum Put in the dread brother Show us your pimple brother. Have a look Wellington I did come up brother, big problem And you keep putting your hand No, it is not this; it is XXXX brother Trufa? Yes, XXXX Trufa This was the XXXXXX week It was very bad brother The week What a great show Rael Me, Bart and Pirao, brother Of Progidy? I got a certain line, the thing was on the ground, I found Paulo Then I shared in tow, the guy touched me, fell on the ground again Brother: " I don't belive, I found again" Erimar Erimar is not here brother He went out, he was here before Excuse me, Mum Thanks Alone or in pair The rest I will see later hey Guys! And the Barbecue? Let's make a barbecuer brother Do you drink? Would you like some wine? Out of work It's just a wine, its basic Just a glass after lunch, no problem I will put an amercian glass for you OK? Thanks Rael Are you sure you don't want I am awake since midnight, it is not going to work Is it? You haven't sleep yet? Strong battery, isn't it? Hi there Hey, lets make a barbecue? If you arrive like money, you can light downstairs No, I am not arriving with money uncle How? How are you getting? How much? To buy some beers and some meat brotehr It is open till 19hs Till 18h30m? How much? Oh, let's go there buy some meats brohter How much Erimar? What? 10 Reais? No, stop with this 10 reais? Do you want us to eat beef and drink beer with 10 reais? You are making fun, aren't yoy? Then go on, I give you 20 Reais. Oh, Oh Brother, I already owe 30 to Wilson 30? Why? Not 30 Reais, I owe sixty ...four To me you owe 75 You could round up, couldn't yoy No, because 85, due to another 10 today Yes, today is 85 Round up to 80. I owe 80 Reais to Wilson, 20 reais, then adds to 100 But you are already relatives, aren't you. No problems, we are all family Hello? I will see, I will show for him there and he chooses one Are you not having lunch? No, I am not having lunch, I am not well I had breakfast late Where is David, is he sleeping? I dont know Is David sleeping? Be firm Joe It took a long time No, it's gone, eveybody ate already It's gone, eveybody, it was only for the eating time Hey, would you like a wine? Wine? OK? No problems He is sleeping, I will talk with him later I think So, 20 is OK? Who is coming with us? So, is this tape coming or not? It's coming Then, close the door Rael What? I didn't get it No, Dani is not drinking I don't like this way No, Dani is not going to drink And what about DC The one the crazy guy gave at the bar, have you got it? OH Bob? That American, the one in trouble No, his game is on Play there Kamikaze there I think is Toni Hawk man Brotehr! He going down... Don't you have it? It show him going down some wow, the fun is a very high vertical brother A huge fall, the ones the crazy guys go down the ramps Huje jumps Then shows him going up something very high like this Then, when he, like, freezes the air No, it is another tape No, I didn't see, but there is one that he freezez the airlike this The writes: DC . Darn Did you see the one that he works on the helicopter? Yes, I saw that. Great, isn't it? From the helicopter to Robert, yes? Why don't you go on your bike to get these tapes? Why don't you go you there by bike to get OK, you will need of Of vaseline? I think I gave to the guy. Have you got a plastic there? I've got here OK, vaseline brother The plastic was there vaseline and I will give the idea to Erimar for him to get there at the market Another two pairs of glove Only vaseline and two pairs of gloves Calm down, let me solve this issue, I will be back soon I will check if Erimar is gone Where is Erimar? Is he coming back here? He is returning, isn't he? I didnt see him, but he will return Hey! Rubinho is there brother I will take him there to get the wine after Be firm So brother, you have to wait Erimar to come Then

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Duration: 16 minutes and 16 seconds
Country: Andorra
Director: Helio Ishii
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Posted by: globallives.brazil on May 13, 2008

Everyone eating in his room.

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