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Vous êtes une étoile - 4min

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Each human being is a star and none of the old planets which orbit the sun is worth a human star. But when human beings drop to earth, they start to come under the influence of these planets, which are not stars. And you must, yourself, become a star once again. That's what it is, to realise ones essence and ones spirit : we cease to be under the influence of the planets. But before that, we are under the influence of the planets and of the personality typing which is based on this knowledge and, for the majority of human beings, it is almost impossible to get out from under this influence, the influences of the planets, as described somewhat differently in other typologies, like that used by the ennéagramme. It's very difficult to escape from them and you must firstly truly understand, then want to and especially afterwards have the ability (to escape). And this ability is linked to what? It's linked to the fact that we submit ourselves to other influences. You, you remain under the influence of the planets, therefore you are subject to your karma, you are subject to your type. He who submits himself to the influence of the Path and of the stars and of the light from the Path, he who tries to think, to speak and to act with love, with compassion with joy and serenity, he is in his own clarity, in the clarity of his internal sun, his internal star, his internal master; while all the others are constantly and solely subject to the material influences from the planets or from their types, ennéagramme or others. Everything depends on the influences under which we put ourselves. Put yourselves under the influence of the flow of life as it presents itself, of the attention that you give to it, of the forces and energies of prana, of the breath which constantly circulates in you. Put yourselves under these influences, no planet will ever again have any influence over you, you become your own personal planet and you, you are a star. Not you. I mean you in general. No, you, it might go to your head ! That's the reality. You must choose your influences. personality type influences, planetary influence ? And yes, you will become that ! Spiritual influence? That is simpler : We look at the others, we smile at them, we understand their limitations. And we can spend the entire day like that : see the limitations of the others, and all who are incarnate have their limitations, so we have compassion for them and we continue to act joyfully and serenely. Clarity is to be found in your spirit, o you, one of the stars who illuminate our darkened nighttime sky. As it is finished, I wish you all a good day. Good day, then.

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Duration: 4 minutes and 38 seconds
Country: France
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Producer: Editions Chercheur de Vérité
Director: Brice Morot
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Posted by: apzoir.detereol on Feb 27, 2014

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