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Spirituality for Kids — Testimonals from families around the world.

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I met Diego through "Big Brothers and Big Sisters". I became his 'big sister' about a year and a half ago. I started seeing his declining at school. He is very aggressive with other kids and teachers, and that's why I started thinking about doing the "Spirituality for Kids". I saw the progress while we do it, so that's why I insisted on doing it with him and his brother. And nowadays he is much much better in conduct at school, at home and even with me. My son Jack and I have been working on "Spirituality for Kids" for a few months. The reason I started doing the program with my son is that I've been studying Kabbalah for a number of years and loved the principles of it and thought that it would be terrific to be able to have the universal truth of spirituality taught in a simple way that has a lot of meaning for kids. I like to learn when my true voice is talking. Brooke and I have a very strong connection. He had trouble reading at first and so he has been in a really intensive education program at his elementary school. So I really didn't know if he was ready for an extra bit of learning, but when we did the first video, it was very simple and it was exactly what he needed. It took the profound and made it completely accessible for his mind and he loved it. We started to do the "Spirituality for Kids" program with our kids on Sunday. Each one of them understand it differently, and this is what is beautiful. There is a sense of accountability and responsibility that he gets that's incredible for such a young age! I like that it's colorful. I like that it's both inviting visually for kids and for parents, to be able to have the freedom of doing a class any time we want, the multitude of ways that you learn. Our true voice encourages us to make an effort, share, care. We try to do it every Sunday and we work at least for an hour. And they love the art projects. The 'True Voice' has a heart and the 'Opponent' has no heart. The program allowed her to think. Even when she is like, she is really mad, and she wants to react, but she sits down ,she is mad, but she is thinking. Him being able to understand these simple concepts like this chaos happens, but it's to learn from and then, you know, go forward and still share. It helps the kids be themselves. I think that a lot of kids are lost, just because they don't know how to be themselves. Nowadays kids have so much more chaos than we did. We just have something to give your child that maybe gives them a little less chaos, maybe gives them a little bit more peace about life. It was perfect for him. You can share Light with people. . . . .

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Spirituality for Kids — Testimonals from families around the world.

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