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Hi Pathlighters! Now I am with Ms Atiq Syazwani and Ms Tan, again. Ms Tan is our videographer. So, today I am going to ask her about what a physiotherapist does. She is a physiotherapist. She is going to share with us more. So, how long have you been working as a physiotherapist? About 6 months. Just graduated? Yes. Do you enjoy working as a physiotherapist? Of course! This is the job that I wanted since secondary school. How did you find out about physiotherapist when you were still in secondary school? Friends to friends, relatives to relatives. Some of them are nurses, so i find out more about it. Maybe, you want to share with us about your roles and responsibilities as a physiotherapist. Those who have lungs problem, phlegm, muscle weaknesses to get them start walking. Get them to their homes or start doing their sports. What do you do to help them? Do you stretch or massage them? Not literally massage, but get them to exercise, get them to be more active. We do strengthening exercises, stretches. If they have phlegm, we can assist them to cough out the phlegm. You assist people to cough? There is something called, 'cough assist'. This is to help them cough out their phlegm easier. Can you do a demonstration? Do on Miss Hidayah. Take in a deep breath, without using your shoulders, then breathe out.. Then, you can take out your tongue, and you just 'huuuuuk'. Maybe you want to share with us challenges as a physiotherapist. Medically challenging. They have different kinds of medical issues. They have different past issues and social background. It is challenging in terms of individuals. Ms Tan, do you want to ask something? Are you generally known as nurses? Not really. We are physiotherapist. Nonetheless, I have deep respect for people in the healthcare industry. Thank you.

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