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Fiat Backseat Italians commercial

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How we’re feeling? Well it would certainly be the most stylish car we ever had. and the roomies, let’s definitely on my golf clubs and my art supplies golf clubs, art supplies, 32 basketball’s I don’t have 32 basketballs Why would you? jajaja Well, we love the Fiat 500L, but before we take it, we have to ask? who are they? I almost forgot. Every new Fiat 500l comes complementary with an authentic Italian family, one of the many European details are going to enjoy. hello, -Hi! I am gonna miss you guys, Ciao! What does your sister see in Alessandro? He always comes to dinner dressed like a slob! Can’t he tuck in his shirt for once? Mama, I’m not a woman. I don’t know if they like or don’t like slobs. What do you think they are saying? I don’t speak Italian! Mama no, you’re suffocating me! Six dollars. Massimo can you give me my wallet? Money! Hoo! Noo! We can’t use that. Yes! Your welcome, come on! This is Euros! Take ,take it please! No I can’t use it! take your time, I am quarter Italian. I love garlic bread. Did Massimo tell you that Alessandro proposed last night? Ho my! Anna said no, didn’t she? Mama, you’re always saying, when’s Anna leaving the house? When’s Anna leaving the house? Well now she´s leaving the house! I got coffee! Hooo! We don’t drink Americanos. No, ok! Espresso? Now, yes! In 300 meters, make a u-turn. Wait a minute! Who change this?, Massimo! Make a u-turn. Where I am going? A u-turn, a u-turn. I am not going to wear a beautiful suit to a wedding, with bad shoes. They buy the shoes! You buy the shoes! What was like? Again! The italian or the pappardelle? Pappardelle! Thank you. Prapare to kick! Gol!!!!!! How is it like cheating? Because it’s our show. We always watch it together! You’re about to miss your turn. Thank you, beautiful. Back off! (One week later!) You look fabulous! I feel fabulous! Honey! They’re gone! It’s for me, Jenny Dear Jenny! At first we thought you were boring, But now you’re not so boring. So we’ve to move on. Also, Jenny… I find myself very attracted to you. I want to take you a deserted beach, and kiss you in the… That’s enough!

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Posted by: eduardo1234 on Mar 18, 2014


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