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Deaf Ninja

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AUSTIN ANDREWS: "Hello." "I've always had a tendency to daydream in the midst of what is happening in the real world in front of me." "That's just me, I guess." "Let me give you an example of such a tendency of mine." "I recall a time when I was much younger, and my older brother, who was deaf, " "was wearing one of those big-ass hearing aids that you had to strap onto your chest and plug wires with earmolds into your ears." "He looked quite funny to be honest with you." "I looked at him, and started laughing at him." "My brother, as is his propensity, decided to unplug his ear molds and whip them out in a nunchuk fashion at me." "I would then recoil in terror from the ear molds of doom." "During one of those particular instances where he was attacking me with his wired ear molds, kung fu style," "I began to daydream of something, and dissapeared into my daydream." "Deaf Ninja". "Nighttime. In the darkness, the twilight of the moon was shining brightly" "and the clouds were covering it on and off." "The atmosphere was full of fog, creating an eerie and mysterious aura." "There he stood! A man dressed completely in black with only his eyes exposed." "With a very shiny big-old ass hearing aid". [DESCRIBING HEARING AID] "The ninja is in a defensive posture." "He notices it is starting to rain." "He turns his gaze left and notices a single raindrop falling." "As it is falling, he turns his gaze right, and notices that there are various enemies surrounding him and charging rapidly at him." "The enemies approaching are formidable ones. The enemies are all roided to the gills." "Some carried huge wooden kendo sticks that they grabbed from their backs. " "Others had large swords that they used at a moment's notice." " And there were yet others and others and others headed towards the ninja." "The ninja took it all in," "and then in one instant motion, took out his wired hearing aid molds," "leaped high in the air, and then matrix style, turned side ways" "and used his legs to kick every one of the fast approaching enemies." [DESCRIBING ENEMIES' HEADS GETTING KICKED BACK BY NINJA] "The ninja then takes out his stainless steel wired earmolds" "and proceeds to again use a circular motion to go around all of his enemies". [DECRIBES WIRE HITTING ENEMIES IN HEAD, AND BLOOD SQUIRTING OUT OF THEM] "As the ninja reaches the top of his peak from the jump," "all of his enemies from all sides simultaneously fall down." "The ninja lands, makes another steely gaze " "and then whips his ear molds back into his ears in dramatic fashion." "The ninja looks left again," "and that single water drop he had observed before the attack began is still falling." [DRAMATIC PERSPECTIVE CHANGE OF THE FALLING RAINDROP] "He watches it splash to the ground." "As it splashes, he suddenly realizes he cannot hear it splash" "He says 'my shiny big-ass hearing aid! I can't hear!'" "This is when I, Austin Andrews, snapped out of my daydream," "only to turn my head and fix my gaze upon my older brother," "who was wearing his old-fashioned big-ass hearing aids". "He looked at me and said 'my hearing aid! I can't hear!'". " I looked at him long and hard while wondering just what in the heck had happened."

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Posted by: kramerdsp on Jun 20, 2008

Austin Andrews presents one of the all-time great American Sign Language (ASL) stories ever told.

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