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Editing with the In-Place Editor

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Editing with the In-Place Editor with Amber Matz In this tutorial, we’ll edit the "About" page content item using the In-Place Editor. By the end of this tutorial, you'll understand how to use the In-Place Editor to add information to the "About" page you created after completing the tutorial Creating a Content Item. To follow along, you should understand the concepts of using administrative menus, pages, and contextual links, and the concept of content entities and fields. Also, you should have completed the 2 preceding tutorials Creating and Editing a Content Item. You should have also created an "About" page. See the written version of this tutorial for links to each of these prerequisite tutorials. First, we need to navigate to the "About" page to edit content with the In-Place Editor. If the page has not been added to a navigation menu, you can find and open it by following these steps. In the Manage administrative menu, navigate to Content. Since we’ve recently created the "About" page, it should appear near the top of the content list of this page. If it wasn’t near the top, we could use the type, title, or other filters to locate it. Click on the title to view the "About" page. Find the section of the page that displays the content you want to edit and turn on the Quick editing mode using the Quick edit contextual link. You will see each editable field on this content item outlined in blue. Also, a hovering dialog box will appear. Click the body text area to begin editing. The Body field supports a rich text editor. The editing toolbar will be displayed in a hovering dialog box. Add some information about City Market. Let’s add the following text. A Save button will appear in the hovering dialog box, and the field outline will change color. When we are satisfied with our edits, we can click the Save button in the hovering dialog box. To cancel or discard our edits, click the X instead. Once either the Save button or the X have been clicked, the Quick edit mode will be turned off. To turn on Quick edit again, use the contextual link and select Quick edit. You'll know you're in Quick edit mode when the hovering dialog box appears over a field. If we review the full edit form, you can see that there is a lot more info that we could edit in this content item. For example, these meta information fields like publishing information and URL aliases aren’t available in Quick edit mode. But it is handy for quickly editing content like the title and body, and other fields you might have added to a content type. In this tutorial, we edited the "About" page using the In-Place Editor and added information to our content item without using the full content edit form.

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Editing with the In-Place Editor

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