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Vega Helmet Full Face RS1 Liner System Change

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RS1 Liner Change What's going on guys my name is Kyle from Vega Helmet I am here once again with the RS1 Today were going to be looking at changing the Liner System So first thing you want to do is get yourself a nice soft surface to work on. So the liner is system is made up of 3 parts, 2 cheek pads and the head liner On each cheek pad there are 3 button snaps, that we have to undo. There's one near the top of the jaw, 1 near the back of the jaw and 1 near the speaker pocket. So lets get started. Remove the button snaps, Once you have those buttons unsnapped feed the quick release back through the opening, and just pull up and out with the liner, it's that simple. Next Side, do the button snaps Feed the quick release back through the opening then you just pull up, out of the helmet. Now for the head liner, On the back of the head liner there's 2 button snaps to release it. On the front there's a plastic trim along the front of the head liner. The plastic trim fits into 4 plastic tabs, so were just gonna take our finger and grab that liner and unsnap those tabs Then you remove the liner, it's that simple. Now, to get the new liner in Start with the head liner Your going to want to line up the plastic trim, with the 4 plastic tabs and just push those into place. Alright, once that's in there get your 2 snaps on the back of the head liner. Alright we are a third of the way there. Alright, now get your cheek pad, feed the quick release strap back through the opening. The best way I've found to do this is to get the plastic trim into the slot first and then snap them in place. Your going to have to raise up on the cheek pad and push the plastic trim down into the opening. Once that's in place then you go and find your button snaps and you snap them back into place. Alright, now for the other one. Get your quick release strap, feed it back through. Now let's get our plastic trim into position first Now we just get the snaps back together You will be going at this blind so it may take a while to find the snaps. Alright that's it you have successfully changed out your liner system for the RS1. Thank You from Vega Helmet

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Posted by: kylemvega on Dec 6, 2016

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