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Animation: Human Rights

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All people have human rights. We need to know about them because they give us the authority to speak for ourselves. States are obliged to uphold our human rights. Human Rights began when lots of people from all over the world got together and discussed what fundamental rights all people should have. These Human Rights are written down in International Laws The Universal Declaration of Human Rights The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights All three of these make up the International Bill of Rights Our rights are threatened by climate change Climate Change is caused by the earth warming up This is caused by things such as pollution and deforestation It leads to melting ice, floods and drought Let me tell you about a community are suffering the affects of climate change. In the last few years their weather has changed a lot. It is irregular! Sometimes it rains so much it floods. Other days it never rains which leads to drought It destroys food crops It destroys water supplies It puts lives in danger But, they have a human right to have water and food This right is found in international law go to to find the relevant ones. They can use these rights to make a change They can make a film on their issues and show it to decision makers They can write a letter to their state officials to explain their case They can speak out! Represent their people attending international forums. And hopefully through these methods their voices will be heard and their rights upheld. We can use this system over and over again for all our rights to Culture and language Including our Right to Health and to Land For more information on how to make your rights work for you go to

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Posted by: insight on Mar 11, 2009

This animation explains in a simple way what our human rights are and how they are linked to climate change.

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