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A Message from Nigel Farage on Europe Day

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It's Europe Day. 9th May 2011 The President of the European Parliament honours 'The Flag'. The EU celebrates the 25th anniversary of our adoption of the flag and the European anthem. We are proud of the values this flag represents. The Flag is ceremoniously handed over... Thank you very much. ...and over... ...again. be unfolded... ...then paraded to the beat of the Luftwaffe drums. Please, raise the flag! The Flag is hoisted Meanwhile, waving a national flag has become a sign of dissent. Nigel Farage holds the Union Flag from the podium of Presidents But wait. The Luftwaffe Band plays the Euro-National Anthem Well there you have it. The Luftwaffe Band, the German imperial eagle appears to be back. Eurocorps parading the flag around the square to the drum roll beat -- extraordinarily militaristic, then the hoisting of the flag, of course the anthem and the President of the European Parliament himself making it clear that, of course, the European Union is far more than just a free trade area. You saw our flags, you saw our mini silent protest. And we may have been outnumbered down there on the courtyard but you can rest assured that the only people out there now that really believe in that flag and anthem are those people employed and paid by the European Union. Out across Europe, the vast majority of us don't want this symbolism, don't want this militarism; we simply want a Europe of nation states that trade together and work together. :: ::

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Posted by: mmister on May 13, 2011

The European Parliament (Strasbourg) celebrates Europe Day on 9 May 2011.

European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek conducts the ceremony and parade in cooperation with the EuroC Corp and the Luftwaffe band.

UKIP Leader and Co-President of the EFD Group (Europe of Freedom and Democracy), Nigel Farage MEP gives his views right after the charade.

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