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My presentation in bergen

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Hello, my name is Ingrid Lugo and I am Colombian I thank you the opportunity to present “The beginning of the Path” that is, some ideas around which the doctoral research project will go around which I am starting to develop. Since I do not have much talent for languages I have elaborated this presentation originally in Spanish and through the joint cooperation of some kind persons we have achieved this presentation in English for you I have structured my statement as follows Input Bid Actions Questions Input About myself I can say the following: I am a Mechanical Engineer and worked as University Professor for more than twelve years During such time, I thought constantly on my academic exercise effectiveness and quality Thus, sometimes I change my actuation in the class room but I did not transform it Paraphrasing Ordoñez & Ordoñez I would say that I only made methodological changes but I did not achieve a pedagogic change That is, I did not create a different authentic and effective learning environment to my students Due to the above, I enroll myself for a Master Degree in Education to improve my pedagogic competences In this context I knew some conceptions and theories which would help me to achieve a teaching change in my teaching practice Ordoñez highlights five learning principles originated in psychological theory and research of constructivist profile which can show us concrete paths of pedagogic change The first principle presents teaching as an individual process of meaning construction In this same line Morin has said ‘Everybody knows by himself/herself and for himself/herself’ ” Concerning learning being understood as a process Lugo points out that learning is not lineal and that it arises from direct experience and meditation on it In other words "We learn not by transmission of knowledge from others” ¿But, what does it mean that learning is a permanent not lineal? We could say for instance that

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Posted by: ilugoa on Aug 2, 2010

This is the presentation in the summer school in Bergen Norway.

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