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The circular economy_ from consumer to user

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Our current linear economy relies on cheap easily available resources and fossil energy we take, make, use and dispose eating into a finite supply of materials and generating waste what's more resources and energy are getting increasingly tough and expensive to exploit so can it work a long time? this is where the idea of a performance based circular economy comes in what if we didn't buy the goods themselves but the service What if we favor access and performance? In this model manufacturers and retailers would remain the owners of the products. Maintenance and repairs becoming parts of the deal even better, their running costs like electricity were included for companies it makes sense to retain precious materials when their future availability is uncertain and when prices are forecast to rise premature obsolescence would be phased out rather than designed in Buying expensive goods upfront would no longer be a necessity it already happens with mobile phones and cars, why not fridges, washing machines, power tools and so on ? of course there is a wide variety of needs, of individuals, of businesses. This is not a one size fits all proposition. Hundreds of different solutions can be designed with tailored contracts variety, freedom, flexibility and frequent upgrades. Take car sharing schemes. We can either use vehicles owned by manufacturers car sharing companies or signed up to a local person to person network communication technologies means that our world is fast becoming a platform where we find exchange services or even remarket goods it's all about access, and it works for homes and offices too! couldn't a contract for a number of copies or washes from high end appliance be more beneficial for both providers and users? better service at a better price Companies win too! Materials extraction and production can represent up to 75% of the energy used to make goods so if remanufacturing were introduced at scale it would dramatically reduce our energy needs at systems level this would help the switch to renewable sources a system that works long term by designing our waste and keeping valuable products in the loop and maintaining or remanufacturing them, treating jobs in the process Shifting to a performance model is part of the solution when it comes to accelerating the transition to a circular economy. There is a world of opportunity for businesses as well as individuals and the shift has already begun

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The circular economy_ from consumer to user

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