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Music Plays♫♪ How are you? I'm fine. I didn't mean that in a conventional way to start a conversation Really..How are you? I'm fine I guess. You are really convincing at pretending that you are okay. A lot of people assume that I am. Thats why i asked. I cant help you if you keep lying to me. I am not lying to you. Well, you not telling me the truth either I'm only telling you what you need to know. Joojo, I need to know the truth. This is not something to ignore. That is how I have dealt with it all these years I know. This is not the kind of questions you expect but its a starting point. Why do you do this? Asking questions or listening to people? Both I love what i do. It's more about me than my clients. It makes me happy. You're? Sadist? I was going to say lucky but maybe sadist makes more sense. How many people regularly visit you? Well, I'm here Monday to Friday most weeks. I can speak to at least 50 people a week. Do this much people really want to die? There are many more. Most people in your state have the tendency to commit suicide. I'm not suicidal. There’s something about the way you look at me. It discredits everything I say. And you seem to know me better than I do I'm just doing my job. Why do you want to die? It keeps me sane I'm not talking about your smoking habits. Why do you want to die? I'm confused. Most suicidal people are confused and that’s a valid reason to the thought. But why do you want to die? I don’t want to die. I just don’t want to keep feeling this way anymore. Suicide is a permanent solution a temporary problem. See. If you’re going to help me.. better come up with some quotes that aren’t quite selfish. Joojo, the world is selfish. It will not stop for you to go through whatever you are going through Your work needs you. Your family needs you. Your friends need you I don’t have a work. I have been home for the past three years now. No work. Why? The system is designed to fail us. I spent nine years in basic school. Three years in high school. Four years in university. One year in national service Every potential employee wants someone with working experience. How am I supposed to get that experience when no one will employ me So, what have you been doing for the last three years? Running From? Literally, I run. I wake up in the morning. Put on my sneakers and run up the hills. It helps me a lot. That is what helps me to be sane. Secondly, at least I don’t have to see my father before he leaves home. He thinks I'm useless. But i feel he deserves it. What do you mean? He wanted to be an engineer. He is a motel manager now. So to him, I am only a restart button to his life. To become what he never was. Typical All i wanted to do was run. I wanted to be an athlete. I know you might not understand but that is the only thing makes me happy. *Reaches out with a tissue* What for? It's okay to cry. It helps. I don’t remember the last time I cried. If I cry it will show I'm weak. Not a good look. What kind of man would i be if i cry? A real man. It's very okay to cry One of the most important things you should realize is you’re not alone. I am. What about your parents? Well now you know about my father. My mother is.....I still live with my mother That means you're not alone then. You have nothing to fear. Please don't stress yourself. God is the only one who can solve all your problems. Tomorrow morning, I will take you to this good pastor i know to pray for you. He is spiritually gifted and will help solve your concerns with prayer. So be patient and God will see you through it. *Incantations* Thats was all she did. She thinks every problem can be solved spiritually. How do i move on if my own mother doesn't understand my situation That's a mother's love. They express love differently. Love is understanding Love is trying to help. If she really wants to help me, she’ll talk to her husband. What does he think? Depression isn't a part of us. You are not westernised. You better man up. Nonsense. Don't you also deserve to drive an A8 just like your mates? I see them succeeding in life. Driving big cars. What about you? Nonsense. Most of them are breadwinners for their families. What have you got going for yourself? I have spent a lot of money on your education. You will be that engineer. Nonsense! I thought it was over for me this morning. I really wanted it to be My girlfriend's situation is not getting any better I called her this morning. How's she? It's getting worse. You know Leukaemia is not like one of those sicknesses.... I know what Leukaemia is Joojo. Sometimes, I wish i could help her. Tell her i know exactly how she feels but that will be a lie. All i know is i want to help. What did you say when you called her? Nothing I just wanted to be on the other side of the phone. Or hear her breathe or talk. Bro..What you going through is very normal. We go through the same plight as you everyday. You just gotta stay positive through it. It's a known problem. We all go through it You just gotta relax and smoke this joint. It's the norm. Don't kill yourself off it. You will be okay. Don't stress it. It's all good. Thank you. For? Listening. How do you feel? I don't know That's also a feeling. I think we should do this more often. I’m not used to talking to myself. I feel no one is listening It's fine... You can come in at anytime. My doors are always open. Have a good day Joojo. Thank you.

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