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Pulled pork / shredded beef sandwich

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Very first food related video blog. I was interested in how to create these so I thought that food might be interesting to me and will give me an opportunity to learn how-to make these videos. So, the first agenda that I had on mind is basically a shredded beef sandwich, grilled one at such. and obviously the first thing you need is fresh bread. This one is straight from the bakers, wholegrain stuff. Second of all you need I use a base. This is a BBQ sauce that I'm using it is just different... ...roasted wedgetables, spices and stuff like that. You can easily get it to a taste that you like. You see a generous layer of it is applied, the more the better. Obviously the same applies with meat, the more the better. But in order to keep the sandwich structurally sane unfortunately you need to limit the amount that you apply. And a, generous amount of meat. About the meat there is both pork and beef in it. So I did them in two separate goes. Slow cooked them and then shredded them into bits. Same grill sauce is used in both the pork and the beef. So that kind of, it would't create a conflict. Then vegetables, tomato, chilli, and a spring onion. Chilli is fairy mild you could eat it straight of. I mean raw you don't do anything to it. Leave it at big chunks so that you have kind of clear... ...different bits in the sandwich that taste slightly different. Spring onions, absolutely wonderful taste so those go in the sandwich also. Then what any good sandwich or grilled sandwich needs is proper chunks of cheese and I think this is the same story with meat. The more the merrier! So, apply generously and a the cheese is topped of with a dab of Tabasco and a some oregano. That makes it taste nice. Then bread into the oven. You need to be quick about this. It burns if you are not paying attention. It's just to get the cheese melted, nothing more. (it looks like the oven is been used a bit, it's quite dirty) Warning sign for you need to be quick about it. Obviously this has been cut and edited but sill it't fairly fast under the grill. It's fairly fast once you have the meat ready and the bread putting something like this together it's. Obviously all the preparations... ...of the different bits is the time consuming. But then it's off. A glass of red vine... ...the football, world championships is on in Brazil So, take this and park in front of the TV. Enjoy!

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Posted by: ride_harper on Jun 16, 2014

An evening snack

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