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B-29s Rule Japanese Skies

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"B-29'S RULE JAP SKIES" Striking back at the weapon they fear most, the Japs send fighter planes to strafe B-29's dispersed on the airfield at Saipan in the Marianas The devastating power of the mighty Super Forts has been felt time and again by Tokyo and other important industrial centers in the Japanese homeland. The enemy goes all out in an endeavor to keep the B-29's grounded. Several Super Forts are set afire or damaged but 14 out of 15 Jap raiders, including this one, were shot down. Such raids are to be expected And the still formidable power of our Saipan-based air forces prepares to retaliate with a vengeance. "Only the beginning." General Emmett O'Donnell, task force leader, and General Haywood Hansell, commanding the XXIst Bomber Command, confer on the raid. Major Morgan, of Memphis Belle fame, piloted O'Donnell's plane. Following the Dauntless Dotty are plenty more of the same stripe, off to show show Tokyo that the Jap strafing mission to Saipan was all in vain. Newsreel cameramen and official Air Force photographers caught the takeoff. In tight formation, the great fleet of giant bombers roars toward the Jap capital. Alternating with the XX Bomber Command in Asia the XXIst strikes from Saipan, delivering the old one-two punch at the vital industrial centers of Nippon. Rosie O'Donnell's task force roars over Tokyo itself vulnerable to the long range striking power of the Super Forts. On the target and a load of bombs to batter Jap plane factories, steel mills, docks, and other installations blasting key objectives that would otherwise prolong the war and cost many American lives. With Tokyo aflame the Super Forts head for home, wheeling into a sky that pictures the setting sun of Jap aggression.

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Posted by: japanairraids on Sep 9, 2010

December 18, 1944 Universal Newsreels clip with footage related to the Army Air Forces XXI Bomber Command's base on Saipan and the first air raid on Tokyo, November 24, 1944.


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