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The Heart of the Matter Class #4 : karen berg weekly message woman spirituality

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Because women are innately more spiritual than men to start with, that is why, and I have said that before, that is why women bear children and men do not, because they are innately more spiritual. They are born more spiritual, they are born more connected, if you will. How is that possible? We know, first of all, that when a baby is born a female fetus is stronger than a male fetus at birth, even during the time of gestation. When there are miscarriages, there are more male miscarriages than there are female miscarriages. And even after they are born the female is physically stronger than the male. If there are problems when a baby is born, at birth, ---------- disease and things like that, the chances of survival are greater for a female child than for a male child, number one; number two, if you have gone to anything spiritual, any kind of classes, you will find an abundance of women, more than men, percentage-wise. And it is all attuned to the fact that a woman has, innately, more ability to connect than a male does; and, therefore, the male has all the added tools to be able to go to that place of restriction, such as the phylacteries in the morning and the prayers that are being said. A woman, for instance, is not obligated to any of the prayers, first of all, that deal with time because, yes, she is supposed to be taking care of her home and her children, et cetera. But, ideally, the reason for that is is that by normal process in the day a woman has more instinctiveness, more positive energy in terms of sharing than the male. Therefore, the practices have been created differently. Also, we have to understand that... Like why is a Minyan... And I think it is interesting and people should know that why is it the man goes to the Torah, and not the female goes to the Torah? Because the Torah itself is female. It is the vessel. When the man goes to the Torah it is connecting male and female energy; and, therefore, men go to the Torah. Why is there ten men in a Minyan and not ten women? The reason there are ten men in a Minyan and not ten women is basically because each Sefirah connects to multiple energies, in other words, it can vibrate, the idea of Mercy can be vibrated in many different areas at the same time, the same way that the male can seed more than one woman, and have multiple children whereas a woman bears only one child, or, today, maybe three, but, normally, one child. Therefore, female represents the vehicle, the vessel by which Light manifests; and male represents the energy of the capacity for energy, it is not the manifestation. And because the female is the manifester in this world therefore, she has to innately bear the burden, if you will, of finding Light in her home, Light in her relationship, and Light in her marriage. She is responsible for that, for she is the vehicle, she is the vessel. The male is simply... I like to use the example of rain, when the rain comes down it waters everything. But every tree and every branch is separate, and that is the female. She is different; she is only the capacity to receive the energy. What the male represents is flow. The question is why did they call Lavan Lavan? Why Lavan? He was so negative, he was the highest warlock that ever existed on Earth. Why call him Lavan, "white"? Because he was unleashed energy, energy that did not have a vessel, energy that did not have a force so it went out like "whoosh" - abundance. But if you have no capacity, nothing to hold it, nothing to mold it, nothing to create it, you just have unleashed energy and that unleashed energy can be negative. Thank you.

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