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Hello everyone and welcome to SLOODLE newsroom. I'm Paul Preibisch in real life and Fire Centaur in Second Life. I want to show you a new tool for distance educators using Open Sim or Second Life. Let me outline what problems this tool will solve. Educators in Open Sim or Second Life need a tool for reliably creating and giving mixed-media presentations. This usually involves uploading a separate image for each slide. This is costly and difficult. Most presentation tools in Second Life only display flat, static images. But you may want to show video content. You might also want to display a webpage for your students. You will also want your presentation to be accessible even when Second Life is off-line. These are important considerations when you bring your class into the virtual world. The SLOODLE project has combined these needs into one free and open source package. This is called the "SLOODLE Presenter." You can compose your presentation for Second Life entirely in Moodle. You can add images, videos, and webpages. Once you have completed your presentation on the Moodle website you need to rez a Presenter in Second Life or Open Sim. Configure it to connect to your Moodle website. Deed it the parcel that the Presenter is located on. A wonderful mix-media presenter will await you. If you would like to know the technical details of setting up this Presenter, please visit Visit our wiki or join us in Second Life for our weekly SLOODLE 101 classes. Goodbye for now. {Applause} SLOODLE is an opensource educational project funded by The Eduserv Foundation

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Duration: 3 minutes and 8 seconds
Year: 2009
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Sloodle
Director: Fire Centaur
Views: 149
Posted by: eleonoraporta on Jul 24, 2009


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