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Robocraft: Aeroflak Cannon Review + Minor Changes

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What is up you guys, this is spacekryptonite here to bring you the aeroflak cannon review along with a few minor updates. This Hashtag GroundFightBack is an update that will change the meta and make everyone inspired to be a ground unit So what makes the Aeroflak cannon help ground units fight back? Is the Aeroflak a force to be reckoned with? Let’s start off with its purpose. The aeroflak cannon is a weapon used primarily against flyers and only available to normal bots, not megabots

What makes this weapon different is the hit detection on units that are flying The laser uses a radius to determine whether the laser should explode or not

If the target is close to the ground, it will not explode. So if a bot is somehow tossed in the air, the lasers from the cannon will explode Does explosion deal more damage? Yes, but there are no stats saying anything about extra damage on explosions Even though the laser is fairly slow, this is a balance between damage over speed

You are required to lead your shots if you want to do consistent damage Looking at the stats, this weapon is really tanky. Its health is equal to about 3.4 plasmas. What makes this more dangerous is that the damage is nearly double single plasma Just to remind you, this weapon does not have a cooldown This weapon uses 300 CPU so making a decent bot would probably consume 2 or maybe 3 of these cannons. The damage is 31,000 which is about half the damage of a tesla This cannon is a force to be reckoned with. Like many weapon changes, these stats may vary in the future Speaking of the future, more weapons and components are yet to come As for minor updates, you may notice a lot of UI has changed The UI looks much brighter and more visible than before The weapon icons have been removed completely although ally icons are set to 1 icon Question is, are they still working on the icon for the aeroflak or are they removing icons completely? This would seem fairly unmatched since you won't see what weapons your enemies will have Also if you want to take a look at your computer performance and specs, you now have access to it Simply press "Shift" and "Backspace" and you will be able to see all those stats including Frames per second That pretty much wraps it up for this update, let me know in the comment section down below your experience with the Aeroflak cannon and if you are still using a flyer, tell me your experience with fighting them Don’t forget to like and subscribe for all your robo needs and until next time This is spacekryptonite logging out I will catch you guys later

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Posted by: spacekryptonite on Jan 14, 2016

Robocraft has released the new Aeroflak Cannon and it is dominating the battlefield. In this video, we will be going over a review on the Aeroflak Cannon and how it works. We will go in detail on stats and some gameplay videos that will help explain what the Aeroflak is capable of.

~~~Mini Game~~~
Can you spot Cluly?
Can you spot TommyFox?

Music used: Broken Circuitry by Jens Kiilstofte
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

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