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Sound & Fury Part 7

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Sr. Peter: The path is to hear, that’s the path. That’s what the world is like outside. Peter: No, dad… Sr. Peter: It is not indented for people to have a handicap. It happens, there is nothing wrong with that, but it’s not indented. Peter: Dad, I know what you think about the cochlear implant. I really do, but it seems to me that you just don’t trust my judgment. Sr. Peter: Yeah, I don’t trust that judgment, right now, no. At one time… Peter: (makes deaf noise) Sr. Peter: At one time Peter: (continues to try to talk) Sr. Peter: At one time... Sr. Peter: At one time you and your wife said you were going to do the cochlear. Peter: We didn’t say that… Sr. Peter: Look, you were supporting it, you were supporting it. Peter: It’s not so simple. Sr. Peter: Peter at one time you were going to go for the cochlear implant. Ok when Nita went to find out if she could have it done and found out it may be too late, everything went the other way. You changed your mind. Peter: You don’t know that. Sr. Peter: Well she’s not doing it… is she? Peter: Yeah, but she made that decision on her own. Sr. Peter: Wait. Peter: She decided that herself. Sr. Peter: Wait. Peter: She did that, she made her own choice. Sr. Peter: What. Peter: No, I think your miss understanding. Sr. Peter: If I didn’t know you, I would say that you’re an abusing parent because you have an opportunity to take a handicap and correct it. Peter: Wait a minute. Dad, dad, I’m the one who told my wife to take Heather to the cochlear implant school. Do you remember that? When Heather came back home she herself said to me, that she didn’t want it. Sr. Peter: We asked what happened. Says, my mother told me that it’s not good. Peter: You think I’m lying to you. Sr. Peter: You are preventing a cure, for deafness to take place because you are so involved with the deaf that you really want your children to continue to be deaf and if they function in the hearing world that’s fine, but they got to be deaf first, that’s wrong. Peter: Dad, I have a deaf family. I plan to work very hard for them. Sr. Peter: What about a family of cripples…a family of cripples, cripples ok, who can’t walk. Peter: That’s not what I’m talking about. Where talking about an implant, that’s different. Sr. Peter: No, it’s not different. It’s a handicap, it’s a handicap. Therefore, when their children are born they should break their legs so their crippled too. Peter: Wait a minute dad, you think deafness is a handicap, but I don’t think deafness is a handicap. That’s from my heart I just can’t hear. Look dad, you’ve raised me to be my own man. So now I’m being strong for my kids. If my children grow up to be successful then what will you say? Sr. Peter: When they grow up? I’ll say congratulations. What happened if they don’t? Peter: Come on you can’t predict the future. I can’t. Sr. Peter: ok. Marianne: Yeah, you can’t predict the future, but you can give your children every opportunity that there is, which, you’re not. You’re not giving them all the opportunities, you are picking for them. Peter: Mom, I saw two different families: one deaf and one hearing. The girl from the deaf family didn’t speak well even though she had a lot of speak therapy. Her cochlear implant just didn’t work. So what would happen if we implanted Heather? Marianne: I understand what you’re saying and yes, that’s possible a deaf family it may not work, but that’s because that deaf family may be is not making a full commitment to give them speak therapy, to exposé them to as much as they can be exposed too in the hearing world. If you’re not ready to do that, then you’re right, then you’re right don’t give them a cochlear. Peter: In my heart Dad, I know Heather will be successful. I mean that’s my belief I think the cochlear implant is a waste for our family. Marianne: You’d have to use the term abusive. I find it hard using that because of my children and their good parents, but I can’t say their abusive. Their good parents, but their, their fearful and I understand that they’d be and I’m trying to get them beyond this fear. They have to see these are their children and they are parents first; they have to stop hurting them and to me their hurting them. (Noise of an egg being cracked and then Heather begins to try and say something) Marianne: Ok now here look, look, look. (Heather tries to tell Grandma what to do with the egg) Marianne: Now watch, see what we’re doing? See? We’re separating it. Can you say that separating? Heather: sep-er-ay Marianne: Terrific. Separating... Heather: Sep-brine. Heather: Bow. Marianne: That means one quarter. Heather: Won, or-ter. Marianne: One…one. Heather: One. Marianne and Heather both say: Quarter. Marianne: Quarter. Heather: Quarter. Marianne: Good. Marianne: Heather? Where are you? Here it is. Heather: huh a-ma? Marianne: come on over here, what is this, what’s this. Heather: Mah-e-cup Marianne: You’re Fantastic. (Tim-little brother laughs in the background) Marianne: Fantastic. Measuring cup. (Stirring noise with what’s in the bowl) Marianne: What’s it smell like? Heather: puh-hee Marianne: cccid- yes, it smells like a cookie, but it also smells like cinnamon. Heather: Cid-mon Marianne: Cinnamon Heather: Cid bah lin Marianne: Cinn-a-mon Heather: See- ah- Be Marianne: Very good, cinnamon. Marianne: why do you want to speak so good, why? (Heather makes deaf noise talking as she signs) Marianne: That’s a pretty good reason. You want to talk with hearing people. Yes with me. Heather: Ha baba Marianne: And Grandpa. (Heather tries to say I love you) Marianne: I love you more Heather: I love you more Marianne: I love you more Heather: I love you more (Both make a kiss noise) Peter: My mother thinks it’s tragic that Heather can’t speak like a hearing person. And I know that some people think that deaf people not implanting their children is abusive, but you what it’s the same thing with hearing people. They automatically implant their children and they don’t even know anything at all about deafness and I say that’s abuse.

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Posted by: aroutly242 on Dec 15, 2008

Two families continue to debate if their child should get a cochlear implant.

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