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La Palma 60

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Hi, today we are here with Charo Ferrer at La Palma 60 which is a great restaurant and bar here in the Conde Duque neighborhood in Madrid and today we are going to ask her a couple of questions about Spanish cuisine and about using English at work So Charo can you tell us a little bit about the bar? Well, this is a family business. It’s a gastrobar, we opened back in 2008 and it’s a gastrobar which means that there (are) no tables and you eat at the bar Right here Yea it’s a good way to try different things, you have to choose from the menu and stuff Great! And can you tell us what are some of your favorite Spanish ingredients to work with? Iberic (Iberian) ham is one of the, of our best things in Spain and we use it here with fried potatoes and eggs, which is Which is delicious! With red wine, you should try that and a lot of vegetables and fish as well Great, and tell us what are some of the things that if people come to Madrid they have to try? If it’s winter definitely Cocido Madrileño (Madrid Stew) which is really strong so (it) has to be winter and has to be cold But here in the summer a lot of salads and fish Great, and just in general do you think that its really is it very important for people who are working in hospitality in Madrid to speak English? Yes, because you have to help people come close to our culture and our food and you can do that only (by) speaking English A lot of menus are not even in English, so you have to explain dishes and and talk about wines, it’s a lot of work Definitely, alright well thank you so much For more information about La Palma60 you can visit their website and for more information about MCHtraining you can visit our website Thanks so much!

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Posted by: mchtraining on Jun 8, 2011

Margit sits down with Charo Ferrer of La Palma 60 to talk Spanish cuisine and using the English language in the restaurant business

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