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Welcome to the Branca Museum bar. We're here together today to sample our products. Let's begin with Fernet Branca. This was created by the Branca family 171 years ago in Milan. A strong, herbal, highly spiced liqueur, it contains twenty-seven herbs from four continents. Originally developed as an "anti-choleric", it later became a digestif and now is also an aperitif. It can be drunk neat, with ice, or in cocktails. The next product is Brancamenta. It was created by the Branca family in about 1960. The idea is brilliant: a drink combining the strength and structure of Fernet with the pleasant balsamic flavours of Piedmontese peppermint. Brancamenta should be drunk ice cold and can be enjoyed neat. This is a very refreshing drink, pleasing to the palate, but with a long deep taste. Now we're going to try Carpano Antica Formula. Carpano was created 230 years ago, in Turin. And Turin was also the birthplace of vermouth. You can already tell from the colour that this is a drink with a difference. A product with an exciting bouquet. Carpano Antica Formula, the ancient recipe for happiness. Next up is Punt e Mes. Punt e Mes, one and a half, one of sweet and half of bitter, another clever idea from Carpano. Not only did Carpano invent vermouth, it invented the aperitif. With Punt e Mes. An aperitif and a bitter: the complete aperitif. Now we're going to try Caffè Borghetti. This was developed in Ancona in 1860. Caffè Borghetti is a brilliant product: a liqueur made from true Italian espresso coffee. Made here. Freshly made coffee. Well, that's not the end, the journey's only just begun. The range is much more extensive.

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