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Share a dashboard

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In this video I'll show you how to share, re-share and un-share your dashboard with your coworkers. Dashboards can be shared with anyone in your organization. So if my email address is [email protected] I can share my dashboard with anyone else who has email address. Dashboards that I share with my coworkers give them read only access to the dashboard and underlying reports. They can interact with my dashboards and reports in presentation view, but they are unable to make and save changes. Highlight the dashboard to share. Right click and select share or click the share link. I want to share this with my coworker Michael. So I enter his email address and add a message. It's okay with me for Michael to re-share my dashboard so I keep the re-share check mark selected. This means that Michael can share the dashboard with other coworkers using this same process. Michael will receive an email invitation with a link to the shared dashboard. Here's the email he'll receive. If he hasn't yet signed up for Power BI, when he clicks on this link, he will be prompted to do that first. Otherwise, clicking this link adds the dashboard to his Power BI workspace. On Michael's Power BI workspace, notice the sharing icon next to the dashboard. The underlying dataset isn't shared and Michael can't make any changes to the dataset. His dashboard will refresh as the original dashboard refreshes. So any changes I make to my dashboard are automatically visible to my coworkers. Now that I've shared my dashboard I can keep track of who has accepted my invitation. Open the shared dashboard screen and select shared with. I see the list of coworkers on the left and status on the right. Owner, that's me. The person who created the dashboard is also the owner. Cancel invite means I've sent this coworker an invitation to share, but it hasn't yet been accepted. I can cancel Maggie's invitation and remove her from the list. When she opens her email invitation and clicks on the sharing link, she will receive a message that the invitation is no longer valid. Maybe I shared my dashboard with the wrong Maggie. I can immediately come here and cancel the invitation. Can view, these are my coworkers who acceptation my invitation and can view my dashboard and underlying report in their Power BI workspace. If my dashboard was re-shared, the names of those coworkers are listed here as well. But what if I change my mind and don't want to allow re-sharing? Select, Can View and choose disable re-shares. To stop sharing entirely, select stop sharing. If I've shared with multiple coworkers, I'll need to do this multiple times. Now it's your turn. Give it a try and bring your data to life with Power BI.

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You can share your dashboards with people in your organization, so others can benefit from your insights. Learn how to share, unshare, and allows others to reshare your dashboards and reports.

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