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Master System Training

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Hey y'all. It's me, Cheryl, - and I’m here with Chef Dawn - Hi everybody!, and you know what, y'all, we’re going to talk about your Master System, and we’re going to talk about how it's been configured in your brand new summer catalogue. So, are you ready, Dawn? - I'm ready. Are you ready? - I’m ready. So, first of all, y’all, the way that it’s been positioned in your catalogue is all of your customers, the very first thing they’re going to do, y’all, is ‘it's all about the base’. - All about the base! - It's all about the base. So, they’re going to purchase the base, okay, first. - Yes, - And, we’ve positioned that in your catalogue right here. Okay. And then, from there, - they will be able to purchase , - Yes, different accessory cones and tools to make different things. - Right, - And, we’re going to walk you through how it is configured in the catalogue. Right? - That's correct. - So, we’re going to start, guys, first of all, with your Grate Master Shredder System, -Yes, - okay guys. So, Dawn, are you ready? - I'm ready. Are you ready? - I'm ready. - So, let's go. - Let's get started. Okay, Dawn, so let's get started with talking about the base, okay, - Yes, - because what's the very first thing when you purchase this, and you want to make sure you’re telling people at your Tupperware parties what do they have to do with the base. Well, the base is created so that it basically sticks to your counter through kind of an internal suction cup. So, you always want to make sure that your surface is clean and level and not covered in fabric. Okay, so it can't... and does it work well on a wooden butcher block counter top? It works okay on butcher block. It's really just a solid counter top or table that's formica or marble, - Marble, granite..., stone, - granite, yeah stone, right, okay., - That works the best. - Okay. So, let's show them how to put... - how we lock and load, as I say. Okay. - Yeah, absolutely. So, you can't lock the base until you have one of the systems attached to it. Okay. So, you want to make sure - you tell your customers that, y'all, okay? So... - Yes, because they won't be able to lock it. - The mechanism won't work. - Okay. You need to have something into the base itself to lock it. So, today, right now we’re talking about the Grate Master System. Okay. So, let's go ahead, and what comes when they purchase the base first, Yes, then they purchase the accessories. Okay, y’all, so when they purchase their accessories, the first thing they’re going to have, guys, is they’re going to have their hopper and they’re going to have the plunger, right? Right., And, this has to attach to the base, - because remember, y’all, it's all about the base! - Base!, Okay, so let's show them, Dawn, how this attaches to the base, and then how do you then attach the base - to your counter top. - Yes. - Okay. - So, there is a little piece on the bottom of your hopper. - It's almost like...think of skis, right? Okay. - Yes. - And, we’re going to slide it right in. - Yep. We're going to slide the boot. - So... - So, there is indentation in the base and the piece just slides right on. - It's so simple, guys. Okay. - Okay. So, at this point, you’re going to be able to slide it on and off easily, but there is a little lever here and when you pull...push the lever, you're going to listen for that click. And, that click means that it's locked in place. And, I don't know if you heard that, but there was a little click. Now I can't budge this. It's not going to move. It's secured to the counter top which makes it safe to use, and it also locks this part in place as well. So, that's not going to go anywhere either. So, the only thing that really is going to be movable, guys, is your plunger, and you want this to be movable. - Okay. - Right, So - and basically, when you’re sliding this around, it's about halfway around, okay? Yes, So, just think halfway and that's what's going to lock it in place. Okay. So, now we’re going to... the cones that come with it is... - let's talk about them - Yes. and then we’re going to talk about how to attach them, - okay? - Absolutely, Okay, because you got to put the cones on with the handles, - Yes. - So, Dawn, let's talk about, first of all, safety features. - Okay. - Yes. So, the grater and the shredder cone that come with this can be a little sharp, so you always want to handle it by the red plastic parts, not by the metal shredder - and get your fingers all shredded with it. - Right. - And, it also comes with a cover, right? -,It does. It comes with a cover that you can easily remove and easily replace. Right. So, I would recommend, at your Tupperware parties, guys, when you’re talking about this and you show them, once they clean this and it's dry, then just tell them - to put the cover back on - Yeah. because the cool thing is - whoops! - the cool thing is, look guys, - they stack on top of each other, - Yeah, they stack. okay, so for easy storage. - Right - So, now, we've taken off the cover, right, - and we’re going to talk about the shredder, right? - Yes. - Yes, so... - So, this one is our small, right? So, let's go ahead and start... - Okay, - start with how do you attach this. So, you want to hold it by, like I said, the red part of the plastic, and you’re going to insert into the cone, and just kind of, hold it in place with your fingers. With your other hand, you’re going to attach the handle. Now, if you try to attach the handle without anything in there, without the cone in there, - it's not going to work. - It's not going to work. Okay. So, you may be sitting there struggling with it. So, you want to hold that in place with your fingers, and then with your other hand, slide on the handle. - And then...turn it. - You just turn, okay. So, you just turn.> Yeah, and once it catches, you can kind of let go of it, - and then... You’re all set. You got it. - And, now you’re ready to rock and roll. Okay. So, we’re actually going to do - some demonstration, right? - We are. - So, what are we going to demonstrate first, Dawn? - Well, we have got some cauliflower and some carrots and cabbage. - Right. - So, cauliflower rice is really popular right now, - It is. - so why don't we do some cauliflower. Okay. So, now guys you want to make sure you tell everybody at your Tupperware parties, right, to put a bowl - Yes, put a bowl underneath. - underneath. So, and the great thing is, you know what, guys, - we’re now selling these bowls in the catalogue. Yay! - Yay! Okay. So, let's go. Okay, so you want to fill your hopper. So, you just take your cauliflower, guys. - Go ahead and clean it up. Okay. - Yep. - And, if the pieces are just a little too big, just break them up, and you want to fill the hopper. It doesn't have to be, you know, overflowing, but just to the top. And then, you’re going to put the plunger on and just put some gentle pressure on it. Don't push down super hard because that's going to put stress on the whole unit itself. So, just a little bit of pressure, and then you just turn the handle. Look, guys. I mean... - And you have cauliflower rice. - Is that like, so not awesome?! Okay. So, and you know what, the more you do it, - it's going to continue to push this out, - Right. - okay, until you have filled up your bowl. Okay. - Right. So, and I have to tell y’all, at your Tupperware parties, right, and even in your own home, this is a great hands on cooking demo that you can do at your parties - Yeah, absolutely it is. and it's also a lot of fun with the kids. - Right? - And so... - It's a ton of fun with the family. - Right, the kids like to be involved. So, let's do a couple more - Sure, - just so we can show everybody at home how this is going to actually continue to push this out - Right. - so you could make something that's super, super healthy. You know, I actually - not only can you do the cauliflower rice but, you can also do this guys - and it's like mashed potatoes too. Right? - Yes. So, and oh my gosh, - and it's so... it's less calories, right? - Yeah. I mean, I like my potatoes. I’m not going to lie. - Yep. - But you know what, guys, if you’re trying to count your calories but you still want something that is nutritious, right, - Yes. - and you want that side dish with that piece of chicken, this is a great alternative. Right? - Right. Yes. - So - and look at...y'all, look how easy that was. I mean, super, super easy. - It was super easy. - and you know what, y'all, how great is this to do at a Tupperware party! It's hands on, it shows people how it works, guys. And now, we’re going to show you a different cone, right, so that you can show that cone - at your Tupperware parties too, right? - Yeah, and you know, why don't we stick with the cauliflower, - and then we'll do a little cheese after that. - Okay. - So, this was the Grater, - Right. - and you can see how finely - Fine... - it grated the cauliflower. - Yes. - And, I don't know if you can get... - So, that's perfect for your mash. - If you want to make cauliflower mash, - Right. that's the perfect consistency. - But you can also use the shredder attachment, - Okay. -b and that will give a little bit - Let me get another bowl of a more coarse grate to the cauliflower, and that's where you have your cauliflower rice, your fried rice you could do, - in one of our chef series too. - Now, do I have to clean all of this out?> No, because we're just... if you were switching... it depends on the ingredient. - Okay. - If you’re switching to cheese, - yeah, you might want to rinse it out - Okay. under the sink first. - But we're just going to keep using cauliflower. - Okay. - So, here we go. - Yep, - So, we’re going to put this... - insert holding the red part of the plastic. This is the bigger of your... at my parties, I would say, 'Okay, guys, - this is your bigger of your accessory blades, okay. - Yes. So, you had your fine, okay, now this is going to just make it, but watch what it's going to look... - look at the difference. - Yeah. - You’ll be able to see the difference. - Once again, they're purchasing this system, right guys, so both of these cones are coming. So, this is why you want to go ahead and make sure that you're demonstrating both of the cones so they can see the difference, right, - and why they need both. Okay? - Yes. So, here we go. Are you ready? - You ready? I’m going to have you do this. - I'm ready. Let's go. - Okay. - because I’m going to get the cheese out of the refrigerator. Okay, so she is going to get the cheese, and I'm just going to start going, guys. Okay. So, you can see... Okay, now, if you notice, okay, you’re not going to see it coming out right away. That's why I recommend that you do it at least two or three times, and the more times you do this, guys, you can actually let your customers come over and I would let my customers come over - and do this really hands on. Okay. - Yes. So - and like Dawn said, gentle push down, and you're pushing, and you're turning. Okay, who needs to go to the gym? Okay. So, Tupperware thinks of everything. And, you'll kind of know, you’ll be able to tell when your hopper is empty, guys, okay, and you need to add some more. Okay. So, I'm just going to take this out. - Okay. Now, this right here, this is very fine, okay, - Yeah. and this is more coarse, - I guess, is how I would say, right? - Right, yes, It's coarser. Okay. So, this is fine, this is coarser. Okay. That's the difference. But they’re both fine and, you know, I have to tell y’all, this makes great baby food too. Okay. So, you want to do something for the babies and feed them healthy, - Right. - then you can also use this for your baby food when you’re doing homemade baby food. - So - okay. - Yeah, so at a party, you would want to rinse this in between because we’re going to do cheese next. I'm just going to show you how you would take it apart. I’m not going to rinse it - Okay. - because we’re just showing you how to do that. - So, you would unlock. - Got it The base is free, and then you can slide the whole unit off without even having to take the handle off. How cool is that! So, make sure you show that at your Tupperware parties, guys. - Okay. - Yeah, so I'm going to lock that back in place, - Okay. - and we’re going to switch over to cheese. So... - I made a mess, Dawn. - Yeah, it's okay. - I made...I...I... - That's what's fun about cooking is to make the mess. I'm just a hot mess, y’all, okay, as you know. - Okay, so now we’re going to do cheese. - So - yes, and I've bought, you know, just blocks of cheese, and I have cut them up a little bit smaller using our chef knife. - And... - Which, the Chef knife - comes in your opportunity kit, right? - It does, - yes. - So, again, you just fill the hopper to the top, gentle pressure with the plunger, - and you turn the handle and go. - Okay, I'm going to move this - so that you guys can see. Okay. Yeah. - You want to go ahead? - Whoops! Oh! We didn't lock it down. - Oh! - Whoa. So... - You know what, there is Cauliflower - caught underneath... - On the bottom, so that's a little... now... And, you know what, guys, if this happens at your party, I'm kind of glad - this happened, so if it happens at your party, right, - Yeah and you've got something underneath, it will affect your base - Right There you go - actually being suctioned down to your counter top. - Okay. So - and you can tell... - Oh, hold on. Oh, well, hello! Well, now we' I'm a hotter mess. Okay. So - but you know what, guys, I've seen a lot of y’all post videos of your kids doing this, right, - Yeah - and grating their cheese, and why would you want to buy packaged cheese, right, with all of the preservatives, - and all of that stuff in it. Right, Dawn? - Yes, exactly. Yeah, there are a lot of non-caking agents and additives in shredded cheese that you buy in the bags at the store. This you’re doing yourself and it's actually less expensive - It is as well when you buy the block. - Yes, because tell your customers, guys, when you're buying the packaging, you’re paying for the packaging and you’re paying - for that cheese to go from here to here. - To be shredded - Right. - Okay. So, you know what, y’all, purchase this once, - Yes - right, and do it yourself. This is going to pay you back dividends for years to come. And, it - honestly, okay, y’all, it is so much fun. - It is fun. - It is so much fun. - Yes. - So, now we have shown you the Grate Master Shredder accessories, okay. Now we’re going to show you that you can also purchase, in a set of 3, it's a trio, - okay, additional cones, okay. - Yes And, we’re going to tell you why you want these additional cones, okay. So, we’re going to start with the very first one. - And, Dawn, I noticed, I’m going to pull it up, - Yes is the protector is a lot more, as you say, - robust. - Robust Okay. So, can you tell us what this is and why? Sure. So, again, any of these cones you want to handle by the plastic. And, I’m just going to pull this off, so this is our ice shaver cone, and this is going to allow you to do shaved ice, - snow cones, icy drinks, yeah. - Yeah It's one of my favorites for sure. So, the blade on this, I think, is one of the sharpest out of all of the cones in the entire system. And so, we have a little more protection for your fingers and your safety. So, I’m going to interject here, so when you’re at your Tupperware parties, guys, and when you’re washing these, how do you recommend that this be washed, Dawn? I recommend that as soon as you’re done using it, you can rinse it immediately. You should just need some warm water to rinse it off. If you are going to wash it with soap, you can use our bottle brush. - Yes - And, that's a really safe way to wash it. Because we don't recommend that you put the cones in the dishwasher, right, - Yeah - that they’re hand wash, but because this... actually, guys, this blade actually is outside of the cone itself, - Right - and it needs to be that way - so that it can actually shave the ice, okay. - Right So, that's why it has to be this way, - Yes - which is why this cover is the way it is. So, you want to make sure that you’re telling people - at the Tupperware parties why this is, - Yeah how to wash it, and how to handle it. Okay. And, one more thing that I really, really, really, want to highly recommend is you upsell the bottle brush. - So, if you can just hand that to me, - Yes - Absolutely - Dawn, because you know what, guys, when you’re cleaning your blades, you want to make sure you have this and you take it to your parties - Right - because your bottle brush really is going to be ideal because it fits inside here, and look guys, you can see how it's going to rotate around - and it's going to clean the blades. Okay. - Right So, this is the ideal tool that they're going to need. So, upsell all of your... - when your customers are purchasing - Yes any part of the master system, - make sure that you're also including - Right - the bottle brush. Okay, guys. - Exactly So - and then, once again if we were using this cone, we would simply - unscrew the handle, guys, right. - Unscrew the handle - Take this, our larger shredder cone right out, - Right and then we put in our ice shaver. Okay, y’all, so now we’re going to go on to our second cone - because it is a trio right, Dawn? - Yes, So - and this is our grinder cone. - Right, Dawn? - Yes Okay. Now, why would I need a grinder cone? What would this be good for? This is perfect for grinding nuts, grating chocolate, and even Parmesan cheese. Oh, and you know what, guys, you know when you go to an Italian restaurant - and they come over, right. - Yes. And, they’re like, 'Would you like a little bit of Parmesan cheese?' And, you’re like, 'Please'. And, it just is so fun. - Yes - Well, now you can do the same thing at home. - How cool is that! Right, so... - That's very cool, yeah. So - and you want to tell people that, and matter of fact, you should take a little bit of your Parmesan cheese - and demonstrate this. Right? - Yes, - that would be a great demo. - That's why they would want it. And then, you know what, guys, when it's cold and you’re doing your hot chocolate, - Yeah - who doesn't want a little bit of real chocolate - in their hot chocolate, right? - Right. - Freshly grated. - So, they really have that, and then if you want to go ahead and grind up your nuts, you know, nuts have a lot of protein in them. Right? Absolutely, yeah. So, you could use this, guys, and if you’re doing those protein shakes in the morning, so you could grind that up, because it's going to be thin enough that you could add it to it. So, now you’ve got your nuts - added to your protein shake, right? - Right. So, you’re basically, as I would say at my Tupperware parties, you’re killing two birds with one stone. Okay. - But don't go kill the birds. Okay. So... - Yeah. - Don't do that. - And then, we have our third cone, and this cone is our... - Slicer cone. - Our Slicer cone. Now, why would I need a slicer cone? - What's this going to do? - The slicer cone is great for doing sliced veggies for salads, and our stir fries, and... Could I do any fruit with this? - You can. - Okay. - So, what kind of fruits for example? - So, you want to do firmer fruits, - so apples, you can, yeah, apples, strawberries, - Ooh if they are in season - and - Okay and not too old, - right not too old. - They need to be pretty firm, - right? Okay. - They do, yes. - For sure. - So, apples are really good. So, could we do a... - Pears No - couldn't do blueberries, you couldn't do raspberries. - Right? - Those aren't recommended. - A pear would be good, right? Okay. - Pears would be good, yep. So, if I - and any kind of a vegetable that I would want to slice up - and put into a salad. Okay, guys. - - Right. So - so this is your set of trio, okay, - of your three trio cones accessories - Yes and they can buy these in addition to the beginning of their Master System. - Yay! - So, are you excited? - I'm excited! - Okay. But now there is more. There is more, and before we move on, I just want to show you all... so, the difference between these two is one has a little more metal on it, and that's how you can tell the difference. - So... - Well, really, in my world, - that's a lot more metal. - The Ice Shaver... yeah... I called it the ice shutter... it's the Ice Shaver. The Ice Shaver cone doesn't have that metal on it. - So, that's how you can tell the difference. - Okay And, you want to make sure that the correct cover - goes on the correct cone. - ...correct cone. Okay, guys. So - and then voila, - and they stack. - There you go. Okay, y’all, so now we’re going to go on to the second part of your Master System, and we’re going to talk about the Press Master Juicer accessory. - In my world, guys, it is just The Juicer. - The Juicer - Right, Dawn? Okay, - Yes so - so let's talk about that. So, once again, you have your accessory piece - Yes - that works with the base. Okay. Now, I will tell you that you could do this - by itself without the base, - Yes but don't, okay, because the base - - it's all about the base, right? - Yes - And, it makes it so much easier. So, Dawn, - It does. how do we put this puppy together? Okay, so, there are a few moving parts and pieces - and I’m going to walk you through step by step. - Okay. So, the first step is going to be the handle. - So, you need the handle. - Right. - That would be helpful. - Yes. - Okay. - And, there is a connector piece that connects the handle to the base. So, you really just snap that on. There are some grooves on the connector that fit right into the slots on the handle, and you just want to listen - For it to make a little click - for that little click. - Yep. - I was talking. You probably didn't hear it, but I did. There was a click. - Yeah, and you’ll know if it's in there - Okay. - because you can wiggle this and it's not going - Yeah - to fall off. And, that's what you want. - Okay - If it's falling off, then it's not connected. - Then it's not connected Okay. So, listen for that click, and then we’re going to attach the spout. And, the spout just screws onto the connector piece. And, something else, Dawn, that's really cool. Can we show them if you take out the outside of the spout, guys, - Yeah - this looks like a colander, right, and that’s that way for a reason, - Right - right, because it's going to catch the seeds, right as it's coming through, and you’re just going to have your liquid, right, - whether it's orange juice, whether it's lemonade, - Correct - right. So - and I don't know about y’all, - Yeah. but my husband doesn't like pulp in his orange juice, so this will also catch a lot of that pulp - when you’re squeezing your oranges. Okay. - Right, and this cover just - it kind of snaps and twists at the same time, and you can hear that click again, - and that's when you know it's in place. - Okay. We have one more piece, Dawn, - right, and it's pretty important, right? - We do It is important. It's the most important piece. - So, that is the press. Right. - The press, right? So, that just snaps on to the top of the handle. Okay, so she's just snapping it in, guys, right, - so you’ll see at right here. - Yeah It snaps right in. It kind of moves; - it's supposed to do that. Right, Dawn? - Yes And, you’ll see why in just a minute because now you're just going to put it...Wow! Okay. So, like I said I, guys, you can either do it by itself, okay, but really, to make your life a lot easier, you want to go ahead and attach it to the base. - Yes - Okay. And, you attach it the same way. You have got your little grooves on the bottom. I call them the skis, and it's just going to slide - right in to the opening right here. - Right - So, do I have both skis on there, Dawn? - Yeah. - Okay. You’ll see when it locks in - You sure do. - Yep - you turn it - half way around, okay. - and, listen for that click, - and there it was So, now it's secure. - And then, you Right, now you’re locked and loaded, right, you’re ready to go. So, what are we going to do, Dawn? Well, the first thing we’re going to do - is put a bowl underneath. - Yes. - That would be helpful. Oh, you have got the bowls. - So, I have got one right here. - Okay. - Yeah. So, there we go. Okay. And, we have some oranges here. You can use tangerines, you can use strawberries, you can use really, there are lots of different fruits that you can put in this to juice. Absolutely. So, how fun is that! And, once again, this is a fun thing to do with the kids, okay. Now, this kind of... do you know what kind of orange this is? You know, I don't. I want to say its Valencia - A Valencia? Okay - because...yeah, they’re in season where we’re right now. You may have different oranges available in your store, and these are like - the perfect size to fit in the juicer. - Yes. If your fruit or your oranges, you know, whatever it happens to be, are a little bit larger than what the hopper will hold, then you can just cut them to size. Okay, so yeah, you can cut that big old navel orange, - guys, you can just cut it, like cut it in half - Right and then cut it again and then put it in and then juice it that way, - right? - Yes, but you do have to cut your fruit so that the juice - is available. Right, - Well, to be able to press, right? Yeah. you can’t press a whole orange without the peel being gone - or partially gone. It won’t work. - Yes, - it won’t work. Okay? - Yeah. So, go ahead, girlfriend. Okay. So then you’re going to just basically - press the handle down and it just comes out. - Look how fun that is. - Okay? So homemade orange juice - Yeah - on a Saturday morning, right? - Right Nothing better, guys. - It’s healthy, okay? - Yeah, - and just some gentle pressure. - Gentle pressure, okay. So let’s take this out and see what does it look like, guys. It’s pretty cool. You can just, pretty much, you can pop it out, right, slides right out. Voila! And, I don’t know about y’all, but I would probably eat this, okay? - So - because I love oranges. Okay - Yeah, that’s where all the fiber is. So - now we’re going to put another one in, right, and of course you, and obviously you’re going to put it face – I call it face down, - because the face is showing, right? - Yeah. Cut side down. And then you’re going to push. Now, I’m going to tell y’all right now, you just want, like Dawn said, do the gentle pushing. What you don’t want to do, and you want to make sure you share this at your Tupperware parties, guys, is you don’t want to grab the bottom of the handle - and the top of the handle - Right - and squeeze it this way, okay? - Yeah. And it puts too much pressure on the handle itself, and eventually over time - it will just wear out, and it, - Okay - So… - Yeah. So we want to make sure that you’re not doing this movement. - Okay. You’re just pressing down - You’re just doing this. - with the top of your hand. - And you don’t really need to do much more than that, because that’s all I was doing, - and it’s extracted all the juice - Right, look. Yeah, - from the orange. - So, it’s not like some of those other juicers where you’ve got to be like Superman or Wonder Woman, - right, trying to get it down. - Right - But you know what, guys? - Right So, look at there – there’s a seed – did y’all see the seed was right here? - So, see that seed? Okay. - Yeah Now, that seed is going to stay right there inside the colander, okay? So, how cool is that? So, one more time, - Dawn, okay? So… - Yeah. Gentle pressure, - and you can get pretty fast with this, - Yeah. - yeah. - so you can – honestly, guys, you could juice all of these oranges in probably a minute or two. - Once again, this is a great demo - Oh yeah. to do at your Tupperware parties, okay? So, now if I was doing a tangerine… - Yeah, so don’t do that. - …would I peel the entire tangerine? - Yeah, you can. You can either cut it in half like - Okay so... we did with the oranges, - or you can peel… - Which I just did, - okay? So… - …yeah, you can also peel the whole orange as well, - if you wanted to, yeah. - If you wanted to, yeah. Now, you’re just going to take it and you’re going to do the exact same thing. So, look guys - so if you wanted to make orange juice and tangerine and mix it together, right, so, and have an orange tangelo, right? - So, how fun would that be? - Right. We’re going to add some now back to the orange, right? - Yeah, that’s some orangelo. - So, now Dawn, I have - a Zest N Press, and I love it. Okay? - Yeah. What is the difference between the Zest N Press - and our juicer accessory? - That’s a great question. So, they’re both great tools that we have to offer. So, the Zest N Press obviously has a zester attached to it, but it’s really about volume - how much juice do you need. If you just need a little bit of juice, you’re going to use the Zest N Press; if you need a lot of juice to make orange juice or other juices that you want to actually drink, then you’re going to want to use the Juice Press. Yeah, so you’re going to use your juice presser, right, guys? So, I think Dawn said it the best, and I would use her word choices - at my Tupperware party, "it’s all about volume“, right? - It’s all about volume. - So, if you just want a little bit - Yeah. of lemon in the iced tea, on your iced tea, right, then you’re going to use your Zest N Press, right? But if you’re making orange juice for the family, you want to use this, okay, guys? Your juicer. Okay, guys, so now we’re on to the third part of your Master System, and it is your Fusion Master Mincer accessory, - okay guys? So, basically this is what you can do - Yes. to do your own homemade hamburger meat, - turkey meat, right, chicken… - Sausages. …sausages, right, okay guys? So, we’re going to talk about this right now. And then, this has, once again, it’s all about the… - Base. - base, okay? So, it starts with the base. - Yeah. - And then, the accessory - it has some moving parts - to it, okay guys? - It does, it does. So, we’re going to walk you through the parts - and how to put them together, okay, Dawn? - Yes, - So… step by step. - …step by step. - So, what do we start with, Dawn? - Okay, so first we’re going to start with the hopper. - Okay - Okay and then we are going to place the insert into the hopper – I call it kind of an Auger. - An Auger? - The Auger into the hopper. Okay, the Auger into the hopper. And, remember, the handle part always goes in first, - okay, because that’s what the handle - Right - attaches to, okay? - Yes. And then, I’m actually going to put the handle on first, but not all the way. - Okay - I’m just going to, kind of, loosely attach it so that it’s on there, and later we’ll tighten it. Okay, so it’s on but it’s not tight? - Right. So then I’m going to turn this - Okay. so that it’s sideways, and the open end is facing the ceiling because that’s going to help me layer the other pieces that need - to go on it and they won’t fall out. - Okay, so good point to do at your Tupperware parties. - Okay, guys, so we’re going to start with… - Yes. - The blade. - …the blade. Okay? Now, guys, the blade - you always want to make sure that the blade is… - Shiny side facing out. - …side up, facing up. - Yeah. - Okay, shiny side up. Think of a shiny penny – - shiny side up, okay? - Right. And, it just literally, just – and I have to tell you guys, - if you’re doing - when you’re doing this at your… - So, you fit it in here. …parties and stuff, these blades - are sharp, okay? - They are. - You need to be careful. - So, don’t let the kids - get a hold of it, okay? - Right So, we’re just going to actually just - lay it right on top, - Yeah, - okay? Alright - it fits right on top, and then our mincer blade… Okay, so this is important, okay? So – and then this right here has a little notch that’s notched out, and you’ll see a little notched out, okay, - Yeah - in the hopper, and so this little notched out - on the blade actually then lays into… - It fits right in, - …right on the hopper. Okay? - yeah? - So, it aligns, okay? - Yes. And it has two mincer blades with it, or grinding blades. - Okay - And, the other one… - Is inside the plunger. Okay. - …is inside – you want to show them, yeah? So – and why would I need two? Well, if you want a coarse grind or a finer grind, - we offer two different sized blades. - Okay. So, right now guys, we’re actually going to be using the coarse, right? - Yes And, this is your finer, right? - No, opposite. - No, this is… This is the finer. - …this is the finer, right? - And, you can see - the difference, yeah. - Okay, and then this would be the coarser, - okay? So… - Right, so one just has larger holes than the other. So, what would I use this one for? Well, that’s great for sausage - that has a little bit more texture to it, - Okay. and then the smaller one is for a finer grind of ground beef or ground chicken. Okay. And, it does fit nicely, guys, in your plunger, - and it’s not going to hurt, and... right? - Yeah So, it makes a little bit of noise, a great baby rattle. - Hey, honey! Okay. - Yeah. So, all right, so now - we’re going to put the blades back on. Okay. - Okay. So I put the blade on. - And then… - And then we’re going to… - …actually put on the cover, right? - Yeah. But to put the cover on, you’re going to rotate it… - Counterclockwise. - …counterclockwise. It goes backwards, right? - Backwards, okay? So… - Yeah, and the reason for that is because when you’re turning the handle, that way it won’t loosen. - Okay - So it’ll stay tight because it’s not turning the same way that the handle’s turning. Okay, and that’s an important part, guys, okay? So, your handle is going clockwise, okay, so when you put this on you want to go - counterclockwise beause otherwise - Exactly. this will come off when you’re grinding - with your handle, okay? So – - Right, exactly. and then you just slide it right into the base, - Yeah, - okay? - slide it in. Boom. Tighten up your handle, And then you want to secure the handle. - right, okay? - And then, lock - your base. So, listen for the click. - Lock and load, okay? So… - And, there it was. - …there it just clicked, - we locked, and now we’re fixing the load, okay? - Yes So, now we’re going to show you how this works. Right, Dawn? - Yes - So – now you know what, guys, - Gloves. when you’re handling, specially meat, okay, at your Tupperware parties, you always want to make sure that you’re wearing gloves, okay? When you’re doing fruits and vegetables, as long as you’re washing your hands, it’s good, but when you’re doing meats, guys, we really do recommend that you put a glove on, - okay? So, Dawn’s going to be handling the meat – - Absolutely. not myself – so she has her glove on. - I’ve got my glove on. - So, we’re all ready to go, Dawn. And, I noticed you have some carrots - with the chicken, right? - Yeah, we do, because in addition to any meat that you’re grinding, you can also add in some aromatics. - So, you can… - And, what’s an aromatic? …aromatic are herbs, spices, it could be vegetables that just add more aroma and flavor to whatever you’re creating. - So… - Or, if you’re trying to hide the vegetables from the kids because they won’t eat them, - you can put them in their chicken, - Yeah right in their chicken patty, - or in their hamburger patty, okay? - Exactly. So, now we’re going to start with the… The carrots. Yeah, …start with the carrot first, right? - So… - so we’re just going to put a couple of carrots in, and we’re sort of layering. - Okay, and I noticed you cut… …the chicken up. - So, a little bit of carrot. I did, so it’s important to put - small pieces into the, into the hopper. - Hopper, - okay. - Yeah, it just helps it grind better. - If you put… - Okay, so you wouldn’t want to put - a whole chicken breast in here? Okay. - No, it’s not going to go through the mechanism, the grinding mechanism very well. - So, a few pieces of cut-up chicken, - Okay. - Okay - and you would want to do the same thing if you were grinding beef as well. - Okay - And, the plunger - goes on, gentle pressure… - Yeah, gentle. - …and then you turn and it will… - And, I don’t know if y’all can hear, - but you can hear that the carrot… - You can hear the carrot, - it’s gone through. - …it’s starting to go through, okay, guys? So – and this right here, because we’re doing the carrots and we’re doing the chicken all at the same time, - Yeah - it’s going to be a little bit harder to actually turn your handle. It’s not as easy as the other ones, because you’re actually doing a vegetable - and a meat at the same time. Okay? - Correct. - Yeah - So, you can kind of see what that looks like, okay, guys? So - and it might not look really pretty, okay, but it’s really healthy, okay. So, let’s just do it again so they can see how this is going - to come out, okay? So, a couple more carrots. - So, a couple more carrots. And, you know what, guys, the fatter the carrots are, the harder it’s going to be to turn your handle. And, that’s okay, it turns, - Right but just make sure you let people know that - so that they don’t think that there’s something wrong - Exactly. - with their system, okay? So… - Yes. So, I’m using baby carrots today. You can use full-size carrots, but just again cut them - so that they’ll fit into the hopper. - Right. So – and you can almost kind of feel the tension - when the last carrot part goes through, right? - Yeah And then, if you notice, guys, your plunger, if you notice me, I have gentle pressure on it. When it’s done, it’s going to go all the way - down to the top of your hopper, okay? - Right. Yes. - So - and that’s how you know that - And that’s how you know that it’s ready to fill. – and then, look, you can tell there’s nothing in here – let’s go ride a bike, okay. So - and then we’re just going to keep adding, guys, but the cool thing about this, and at your Tupperware parties, you can either use your spatula to take it off, okay, - Right and you can dig out the extra excess and stuff, but now Dawn, I can go to the store and I can buy my hamburger meat, - Sure I can buy chicken patties. Why would I want to do my own homemade? Yeah, that’s a great question. So, you know exactly what’s going into it. You know the parts of the chicken that you purchased that are going to go into the hopper. Same with beef, if you were grinding your own beef, you know exactly what’s going into it, so there is no additives, no fillers, no preservatives, - that some… - Plus you can make it - fresh too, right? So, if you want, - You can make it fresh. - you can make it fresh daily. - Yeah, absolutely. - And… - So, I could make this into a chicken patty, - couldn’t I? So… - You could. You can make it into a chicken patty, - a chicken sausage, - Right - and just so many different applications for it. - Oh my gosh, you could do this too if you wanted to, guys, and then just put it in your MicroPro – your – not Michael – MicroPro™ Grill, right, and grill that up, and then you could have - your chicken tacos, couldn’t you? Okay. - Yes. Or you could do chicken nachos, - right? And, you could use that, right? - Yeah, that would be delicious. And, you’ve got some veggies in so now it’s healthy too, right? Okay, so Dawn, we have a little bit left here, - Yes so – and I know we have a little bit left inside here. So, is that normal? -It is normal. - Okay And, you can take the cover off and you can scrape the excess… - It‘s right here, right? - …product, yeah, off of the blade, and put that into your bowl with the minced meat and vegetables. But there’s always going to be about two tablespoons of product left around the Auger and in the hopper. - It’s normal. - Okay And, you can make a decision, if it’s, you know, partially ground up in the Auger, - you can add that to your minced meat mixture. - Yeah. There’s nothing wrong - with this, right, guys? You just have to take it off… - Rigth, nothing wrong with it.. …of the blade, right, and take it out of the hopper. Okay. So – but we wanted you to know so you can tell people at the Tupperware parties - that that’s normal. So… - It is normal, - …about two tablespoons, right? Okay. - Yeah. All right, so now guys, we’ve done this. We’ve been healthy, - okay, and now we’re going to make sorbet, right? - Yes - And it still can be healthy though, can’t it, Dawn? - Absolutely, - yes. - So, okay, so you ready for some sorbet? - I’m ready. - Okay guys, and now your Master System, we’re going to talk about the very last one. And, you know, when you have dinner, - usually dessert’s at the end, right? - Yes So, we’ve saved the best for last, - okay, and that is your sorbet maker. Okay? - Yes So - now guys the reason the sorbet maker is an accessory is because your customers - have to have the Fusion Master, right? - Right - They must have the Fusion Master part - They do. because the sorbet maker attaches to this part of your Fusion Master which is your hopper, okay? - Cotrrect So, Dawn, let’s talk about how does this all work, - okay, because I have this that came - Yeah when I was making my fresh hamburger - Right or my fresh chicken patties. - Yes This is the mincer. Now, they purchase - these two pieces. Right, - Yeah, so they’re going to purchase these two pieces. - okay? - So, this is the sorbet maker Auger and blade, - Okay - and then a sorbet cover, - Okay - and then there’s also two additional gaskets, so you can see this black ring right around the part of the blade area. That’s a gasket, - and we provide two extra… - Extra… …because if you use it as much as we do… - You’re going to need extra gaskets. - …you’re going to need extra gaskets… because they can wear out over time. Okay, so it’s going to – and when they purchase it, - they come with the two gaskets. - They do. Okay, guys, and a great way to store them is just put them, just like we did before, - but with a different, - Right - the different sizes of the mincer and the – right? - Right So, just put it right inside your plunger, guys, and that way you don’t lose it - and you know where they always are. Right? - Exactly. - So, it’s not going to hurt it. Okay. - Yeah So, okay, so how do we put this puppy together? Okay, so we’re going to take the blade, - Okay - and we’re going to put it into the hopper. - So, just like what we did with the mincer one. - Just like before. - Right? - We’re going to hold onto it with one hand, - Okay - and attach the handle with the other. - Okay - And, again, you don’t have to put it on tight – you can just put it on loosely - so that you can slide it onto the base. - Into the base. - Okay. - And then, tighten. So - and then of course, - Dawn, we have to have the cover, right? - Right, - the cover. - So, that’s what the good sorbet - is going to come out of. So – - Yeah, so the… and you put it on the exact same way we put the cover - when we were doing the mincer, right? - Right - So… - so you want to turn it in the opposite direction - than you normally would. Counterclockwise. - So, counterclockwise, guys. - Okay - And, if you’re turning it – you’ll know if you’re not turning it the right way, - because it’ll spin and spin and spin. - It’ll – yeah. - It just won’t actually tighten up, - Yeah. - okay? - So, you don’t want to put this on too tight because it’s going to put some pressure on the gaskets that are inside the cover. So, you just want to gently, when you start to feel that it’s tight, just coax it around just a little bit more so that the spout - of the cover is facing down. - Down, okay? - Yeah. And then, we’re going to lock it. - Perfecto! And then, we’re going to lock, - okay? So, we lock, and thenwe get to load. - Get the handle out of the way. - Okay? So, we‘re going to lock in place, - There we go. and then there’s the click, okay. - Bowl. - Bowl. - Super-important. - Okay? So, Dawn, what are we going to be doing to make sorbet? So, you can just use frozen fruit. - Okay - You don’t have to add any sugar; you don’t have to add anything to it. It is straight frozen fruit, - and it’s delicious. - It is. So, you know what, guys? I don’t know where you’re living. I know here in Florida, it’s April, right, so it’s strawberry season here, right? So, go strawberry picking, right, so - and then get your strawberries. And then, you can actually freeze them, - right so… …you can have them all year long. - Yeah, you can freeze them. - Blueberries, right? - Absolutely. So, can you do blueberries? Can you do raspberries? - You can, yeah. - Okay, can you do blackberries? - You can. You can do pretty much any fruit. - Okay So, blackberries and raspberries, of course, they’re going to have the seeds, so if you don’t like that texture, maybe stick with strawberries, but you can do frozen melon, - Yes! - frozen watermelon, - Oh, you know what I did? - or honeydew. - What did you do? - Oh, the watermelon’s really good, - Yeah. - so – but mangoes? - Yes. Frozen Mangoes! - Oh, my stars and garters, y’all, - so you take your mango, peel it up, - Yeah I sliced it up and I just froze it, - because we had bought like three or four of them, - Yeah. and they were starting to get really soft, right? - Right - So, it’s just like the banana. - You peel it ahead of time, you cut it, - Yeah put it in your freezer, - stick it in the freezer, and then voila guys, - Yeah you’ve got everything you need at your fingertips - to make homemade sorbet, okay? - Yes So, mango is the bomb, and mango and strawberry, - oh my stars and garters, it’s the best. Okay? - Together...yes. - So, are we ready? - Yeah, - so hopper on, gentle pressure. - Okay, super easy, okay. I’m going to let - you go ahead since you’re standing there. - I’m sorry, plunger on. - Plunger, not hopper. - Hopper? - Plunger. - This is your plunger. Okay? Gentle pressure, and then you just turn the handle, and it’s going to take a little bit of time for the frozen sorbet to go through the Auger, - so just give it a little bit of time. - Yeah It might not seem like it’s working, guys, - but it really is, which is why we’re doing a demo - Yeah for y’all, so you can actually see this in real time, - and we can tell you, so that at your Tupperware parties - Right you’ll look like the expert, - because that’s what you are, guys – - Right you are the expert. And, as always, guys, with any piece of Tupperware that you’re going to be demonstrating at your parties, - make sure that you’re using it at home first, right? - Right. - So, a little bit more pressure on that. - Okay, I’m talking so much - so I’m not pushing down, right? - She’s not pushing. So, poor Dawn is just over here and she’s like “Cheryl, I need a little bit more pressure here.” So, I guess I’ll let Dawn do the pressure - and the turning, and I’ll just keep talking, okay? - Yeah - So, there we go. - So - okay, so voila! Okay? And, the more you do, obviously the more you’re going to get, - okay? So - - Right. and then once again, guys, if you’re going to have some excess on here, - just take your spatula, a clean one, okay. - Yeah And then, just actually take it and then just clean it off, right, and add it to it, so – now Dawn, if I wanted to add something to this, right, so could I add a little bit of powdered sugar - if the strawberries are a little tart? - Yeah. - Yes, you could, absolutely. - Okay So, that’s – putting it, when you’re putting it in the freezer, that’s a great time to add your powdered sugar, so you just want to toss your fruit with a little bit of powdered sugar, put it in the freezer, - and then put it through the hopper. - The hopper. So, don’t add the powdered sugar - into the hopper, right? - Right. Okay. So, it’s really best to do it ahead of time. If you forget, right, you could take a little, maybe half a teaspoon, add it in here - and then just kind of mix it all up, right? - Right So – because when you take a spoon, guys – - I don’t know if we have a spoon. Oh, we do… - We do have a spoon. Yay. Okay? So, because when you take this, guys, and you want to start, you can actually take this and you can put your powdered sugar - and you kind of just mix it up. - And, mix it up. And, it really does become just like what you get - when you’re goingto get - At the store. sherbet at the store, or sorbet at the store, guys, and you can literally take this with your ice cream scoop and you can put it in an ice cream cone, right? - Yes So – and then the kids get to eat something that’s fun, right, and Mom and Dad and all of us get to eat something that’s healthy. - So, Dawn, I have a couple of questions, okay? - Yeah So, we talked about using, you know, - fresh strawberries or berries or whatever, right? - Right, yeah So – do I need to let them sit out for a little bit before I put them into the hopper and start making my homemade sorbet? Yeah – it helps the sorbet go through the hopper and through the Auger and blade a little easier if they’re just slightly thawed, so letting the frozen fruit, no matter what kind of fruit it is, - let it sit out on the counter for anywhere from… - What would you suggest? - …like 7 to 12 minutes should be perfect. - Okay - Okay - For fruits that are a little bit harder, like a mango, - maybe let it sit out for 15 minutes. - Okay And, that will help the blades catch the fruit and pull it through the Auger. Okay. So, perfect! Now, Dawn, can I do like an icy in here? Can I put ice cubes in here, Dawn? Ice cubes don’t really work well with the sorbet maker. - However… - We have a solution, right? - …we do. - Okay, because remember, guys, at the beginning when we talked about your Grate Master Shredder System, - Yeah - part of your three trio blades comes with… the ice shaver cone. Right, so this is what you would want to use, - Right - right, Dawn, if you were wanting - to shave ice, right? - Right So, you would use this for the shaved ice. And, actually, ice cube shape makes a big difference on how well this works as well. So, we found that when we were testing, ice cubes that have the rectangular shape and the square corners catch the blades easier than those rounded ice cubes that you might get out of those - other ice trays. - Oh, yes. - Okay - So, our Fresh and Pure ice trays work super with that. - Yeah, it’s the right shape. - They work really well, okay. So, that’s a great upsell, okay, guys? So, it’s a great upsell. So, hopefully guys, you’ve found this to be helpful. - Yes - Hopefully you’re excited about going out and dating some Tupperware parties. - I hope so too. - This one right here, as we’re heading into the summertime, so your camp, kids’ camp Tupperware parties would be ideal with this, right, - Yeah because the kids can help make - their own sorbet, guys. - Right So, you can always refer back to this. Dawn, you did an amazing job! - You did an amazing job! - So, we really do appreciate it. So, you know what, guys, we want you to take - this System, because that’s what it is, right? - Right It’s a Master System. And, this is a great way to have datings, callbacks, - Yes - okay, and then – because people probably won’t purchase the entire system - at one time, right? - Right But what a great way to date - and get it for half price, date and get it for free, - Yeah and you can constantly be having parties - and adding to your system. Right? - Yeah, just from this system, right. So, it’s the bomb, y’all! So, you know, what, as Sinovaalways says, - Yeah - “Think big, start small…” - Begin… Now! - But go ahead and begin now!” - See y’all. - Bye

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