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9 Février 2008 - Fambolen-kazo

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Namana Serasera and Mirasoa Association, February 9th 2008 Tree Planting event. the planting site today is near one of the most important spring for mineral water in Madagascar If planted correctly, leaves will begin to appear after 5 years and can be used for medicinal purposes. over the past 4 years, we expect to have around 4000 trees. As of today, 2000 roots have been planted but only 9 of those can be credited to you guys (so you'd better get moving...) (laughters)...don't despair ! if some of those trees are taking too long to grow, we'll switch to gravileae. Is it Ok for girls to partner with boyz ? (laughs) anything that suits you guys you take the root and you make a spherical shape of the soil surrounding the root we have 20 blades here but we are 45 people here today that's why we will work in pairs. you make a cut on one side and then on the other side then you put the root with the soil in the hole that was previously digged out. however, you will need to dig a little deeper because we don't want sand to go inside the soil. so after you dig further, I probably should show you a is a hole but we will not plant here let me find a shovel do you see that black soil on top ? That's the one you put back inside first So you break apart the dry soil and you turn it over then you use your shovel to level the side of the hole. This is why it's a two-people job one person prepare the hole and the second one plants the root inside the one who has the shovel gently presses the soil around the root to cover it.... but one has to be gentle because the root needs air to grow properly yet not too gentle either because the soil must not fly there you go the roots are ready to be planted how many tree roots do we have again ? 300? you can get going now...yes let's get started how about our bags ? Thank you !

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Country: Madagascar
Language: Malagasy
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Posted by: foko on Feb 12, 2008

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