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Robert Kiyosaki Serie

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Go To School Well, one of the biggest sacred cows of all is Go to School. And many people think I'm anti-school and that is not true!!. I'm ANTI-IGNORANCE!!. So, I'm very PRO-Education. I'm just not pro-being stupid about money. I think that's true,that what you said is Education is more important now, that it's ever been So, the problem is that, schools focus just on two kinds of education: there is the Academic, which is really important: reading, writing, with maths, you need to have; that's basic; and the second type of education, they give us, is the Professional kind of education So, if you want to be a lawyer or an accountant or a teacher, then you need to go to school and get those certifications; but the one kind of education that's lacking severely in the school system, stands, is FINANCIAL EDUCATION TIME OUT!! in a poor point, financial education is having a Financial Statement, which is an Income Statement and a Balance Sheet. Now, when you go to your banker, your banker always asks you for your Financial Statement, not your report card. Because, your Financial Statement, is your report card, once you leave school. Your Financial Statement, will tell you whether or not you're smart with money or not smart with money. Because, that Financial Statement, is your report card of your Financial Intelligence. I put on a face coin one day, that we need to teach our children Financial Education, and I received a comment back, from a teacher, that said, who's going to pay for. Well, I'm going to pay forth!!!, if we don't start educate our children in school. This is a very hot subject. But our schools are training people to be employees to work for the rich. The second thing I don't like about school: is how dare they labeled a kid as smart or stupid, at an early age. The reason I'm sensitive to that.... is because I was labeled stupid... right of to start. And it wasn't that I was stupid. I was bored, and I was not interested and it was none of the subjects I wanted, and nobody could tell me how I was to use calculus, I kept asking my teachers, how am I going to use calculus? they couldn't tell me. But they're training to be an employee or they're training to be street smarts My poor dad was school smart; my rich dad was street smart.... ...And I'd rather be street smart today. Well, there's a total lack of practical education, it's really what you're talking about. I found that. I'm an accountant, I have a Master's Degree.. -And you're "A" student -Yeah, I'm an "A" student -We forgive you -Thank you. When I went to school, the only financial education I got, was specific to my profession. There's no general financial education. I had to go all through, got a Master's Degree, got a PH.D., in my field without any specific financial education about how to handle myself, once I got out of school. Right. And people say to me: "well, I learned Economics in school". Is Economics, financial education? Not really. Well, you know, is not about investing, is not about the law, is not about taxes, not about history. As a lawyer, I see all sorts of people walked through the door and someones highly educated, and some have no education at all, but, like you said, they're street smart and the first time I saw this type of clients, I thought, wow, he's doing pretty well; He didn't go to college, but he got all these real estate. And then, there's a pattern that develops. When you see a lot of people, who never went to college, but are street smart and have done very well. -Kim: I can just say, I went to a woman the other day, she's a high, just as you're saying, highly successful doctor, very, very successful, medical doctor, very smart in so many ways but when we were talking, she finally to looked at me, she said, "oh my gosh", 'cos I have not a clue about my money. She's 45 years old. Not a clue!!. And you think it, because they're successful, they know something about money. But some many people don't, because some of us haven't had the education. School, puts us in a culture of DEPENDENCE. We depend on 3 things: We depend on a Corporation, to take care of us, or we depend on Government, to take care of us and the scarer, I think, is we depend on the Institutions, you know, the people run the 401K's (US Pension Plans) to take care of us. We put ourselves, with Robert shows as independence, to think freely as an entrepreneurs or investors and we just become dependent on those three entities...that's cruel!! Hey, Mr. Maloney, you never finished school, did you? Ahh, no. I failed school, but more than that school failed me. I was dislexic, and I didn't know what it was back then. But basically, I was just like you: bored stuffed I had put in the meedo classes, so I was in with the dump kids, basically. They weren't teaching me anything I wanted to learn or anything that I will ever use in my lifetime. And the reason of bringing Michael here, he is, and the most people agree, probably, the smartest guy on this team. And the problem was, again, there's 3 kinds of education: there's academic (reading, writing, maths) There's Professional, become a doctor, lawyer or , in my case, a pilot and, number 3, is financial. But Michael was put back because of academics, 'cos you can't read, right? -Michael: Right so, how did you learn how to read? Ohh, well, Apple™, came up with OS10™, at the beginning of the last decade, and you can just had to text, hit a button and the computer reads to you!!! Most people don't know it's built into the operative system. The more, I developed a passion for global finance and economics... and monetary history, specially. And passion drives you. Now, we can't shut him up. So, I'll blame Apple™ for that!!! School is a "Solo" game. I didn't do well in school. I did very well in sports. And in sports, you learn to compete, thinking to do with pressure: teams, goals. And school is more so individually: I'm competing against everybody. And teamwork is cheating... in school..someone cheats better than others. And I'll just say last thing about school and money, 'cos is a sacred cow What really upsets me about schools and money is this: In America,schools are based upon real estate tax And that is, if you come from a rich neighborhood, the real estate tax pays for better schools; if you are from a poor neighborhood, you get less money. So, a time, somebody tells me, school is not about being fair. Well, I look at the numbers side of it is: if you're poor, you're gaining the worst possible education. And to me, that is cruelty!!! How does a person learn about money? How does a person increase his financial intelligence? This diagram, called the CONE OF LEARNING, provides an interesting clues The CONE OF LEARNING, was created by an educational researcher named Mr. Dale in 1969. And what he found, is that the worst way to learn, is by reading or listening to a lecture. And the best way to learn, is at the top, which is simulations or games and then doing the real thing. The interesting thing is that my poor dad, who was good at school, thought that reading and lecture, was the best way to learn. My rich dad, taught me to be a rich man at the top of the cone. He taught me using the game of Monopoly™. You know, 4 green houses = 1 red hotel, 4 green houses = 1 red hotel. and then , we went out and did the real thing. So one of the ways, if you want to learn, without much risk, is by simulations: play games. The reason my wife and I created THE CASHFLOW™ game, was so that you could play and play and learn phisically, mentally, emotially but play and make a lot of mistakes with play-money. So, how many people in this room have made financial mistakes? The only thing we were ever taught, was maybe, how to balance a check-book, how to have a savings account..that's basics Financial Education, is like learning another language. You know, when you learn real estate is a different language as stocks and is different as entrepreneurship or commodities (oil or gold). I say this all the time in Mexico: if you learn english, you can do business with the whole world. But when you learn to speak the language of money, it opens up a whole new world. and unfortunately, in our school systems, we don't teach the language of money, we teach people the language of become a doctor or lawyer or an employee.

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Robert Kiyosaki nos comparte una serie de 8 videos, en donde ataca directamente los mitos más arraigados ("vacas sagradas") alrededor del dinero y las ideas populares acerca de las finanzas.
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