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How Do You Know? (2010)

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Oh! (man) We're here! (woman) You know, I might have to go back on what I said about finally seeing your place tonight. No pressure, it should feel right. Why are you moving away? I want to give you room to think, and decide. Most girls plan is to meet a guy, love, have a baby, but I don't know if I have what it takes... ...for everybody's regular plan. (older male voice) Son, I have some disturbing news. What? I want to wait until you get here. Tell me, please. It would be nice to get one piece of bad news without someone studying my face to see how I'm taking it. They are going to indict you. [elevator bell dings] George? How are you? Good to see you. Yeah. George, this is my boyfriend Manny. Nice to meet you. Who is he? You didn't even say hello. Yeah, I think you out to check with me before you invite some guy over, so I'm a little to pissed off to just say hello. [elevator bell dings] I think I screwed up. Not from my perspective. (bellman) Taxi? No, I just hafta... ...figure out where I'm going. Let me ask you something. How do you know when you're in love? Anyone? I got a way. I think I'm in love with somebody when I wear a condom with the other girls. Holy crap, I'm in love. (Lisa) What sort of trouble are you in, George? Terminally unemployed, I'll soon run out money and I'm the target of a federal investigation. You're a chick magnet, aren't you? Son, in a rapidly evolving situation. Don't tell me. George... Are you going to make me literally run from bad news? You do not have the luxury of not... ♪ [Brendan James - "The Lucky Ones"] ♪ From the edge of the moment ♪ To people who make toasts. I just touched your leg. I know. ♪ I'm gonna be fine ♪ ♪ My hearts in you hands ♪ [horn honks] (man) Sorry. ♪ We're the lucky ones ♪ I wrote something out that I want to say to you. I went nuts when you left, I broke a lamp. (Lisa) Okay, read me the thing. That was the thing. ♪ And we're gonna be fine ♪ [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Nov 7, 2010

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