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Hello~! Hi! SK: Now, where are we?

DK: It’s Grove. SK: We’re in a place called Grove. DK: So, the three of us are here to shop~ DK: We have also finished shooting. DK: We have finished shooting the MV, DK: and we’re going to go to Las Vegas tomorrow. DK: It’s free time now, really. SK: Oh, it’s pretty. Pretty! DK: Is it good? SK: Uh-oh. SK: The sunglass that DK recommended. * Next is Jeonghan’s recommendation * JH: See? It suits you. SK: It looks really good on you. DK: It looks so good on you. DK: This is… You know right, BB-Tan Goggles. DK: Yah, this is it. SK: That one! PPAP! SK: Right now, what is it. SK: We’ve finished shopping and now we’re going to eat. DK: The pizza here is amazing. SK: We’ll eat now and come back later. Bye~ DK: We’re in a coffee shop, and Seungkwan will try to place an order. JH: What you have to order are: 2 Hot Americanos, SK: Yes JH: Iced Americano… Do you want ice? SK: Yes, Iced Americano. JH: So, 3. SK: That unicorn… DK: I think you need to ask them. In english. Sounds funny now that he thinks about it. DK: If they don’t have the unicorn drink… SK: If they don’t have it? DK: A light Iced Americano. LOL. Trying his best to order in english: Seungkwan. DK: Limited! Limited! SK: Is there any? (in korean) SK: What? Unicorn? DK: I really thought she recognizez us. SK: I think my english is really good. DK: I told you it’s do-able. SK: Here is the light Americano. DK: I asked them to give me a half-shot SK: Half shot, and then 3 Iced Americano. SK: 2 Hot Iced Americano ? JH: Our receipt. SK: Let’s say ‘Succeed’. 1, 2, 3. SUCCEED ! Where are the other member? HS: Because today is a day-off, we came to Millenium to attend a dance class. DN: Millenium is a famous place where worldwide class choreographer learn. HS: Back when we were trainees, we watch those videos and copy the choreography. HS: It improved our dancing skills. DN: Now we’re actually here! T8: It’s really fascinating that we’re really here now. HS: The feeling of going to an attraction place? DN: You’re right. J: The feeling of the first time me and The8 went to Gyeongbok Palace? DN: Because we highly anticipate this, we’ll work really hard and learn as much as we can. J: We’ll go for now~ HS: We’ve arrived at Millenium. HS: When you see the video, there are people watching from behind. That’s me! I’m now watching from behind. T8: It’s really amazing. HS: We greeted Bobby (the choreographer) before the lesson. HS: We’ll show something good. Fighting! HS: We’ll be back. T8: (The choreo) It’s too hard! J: I think the choreography really suits Hoshi. J: You look cool, though? T8: It’s too hard. J: Hoshi’s dance is really cool. HS: I think we did well. HS: It’s so much fun. HS: I’ve only been seeing this red background ever since my trainee days. HS: But now i danced here, HS: practiced here, also shot a video here. HS: It’s like a dream. Wow. DN: Because Jun Hyung’s condition isn’t good today, he can’t dance with us. DN: Next time, it would be good if we all dance together. HS: It’s really fun. T8: Today has been really, really fun. HS: This has been Performance Team! Bye~! MG: Let’s go together.

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Posted by: hazstyle on Jun 14, 2017

Going Seventeen Episode 1

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