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Digital Open Winners: A Human Diorama, to Change the World.

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Life should be measured in experience, not money. It's just like what you do defines you. Boing Boing teamed up with Institute For The Future and Sun Microsystems to create the Digital Open, an online tech expo for teens 17 and under around the world. Now, meet one of the winners. My name is Alexis McAdams. I'm 17 years old, and the name of my project is DiorActive. DiorActive is a way for people to express their ideas, in that they want to elicit change in the world. It combines elements of acting, of -- like historical re-enactments, cosplay, a lot of research, and a lot of hard work to try to get in people's faces and let people know the issues that are out there. My one example that I posted on the website was awareness about refugee camps in Africa. And, it's like, there's so much press about Darfur and all these people getting killed, and yet, you don't hear about the people that actually escape and still have to live. And they still need food, and they still need water and everything. So what I did is that I set up, like, a kind of mini refugee camp in my yard, and I would show people in my neighborhood about this. And the way that it works is that you just put it out there for people to see. You don't just describe it in a letter, or you don't just take a picture of it in black and white and run a whole bunch of copies. You actually construct something for people to touch, to feel, to see. And I think it's important for people to realize that this stuff is real, it's not just, oh, something that's happening on the other side of the world. I think that a visual, tactile presentation of this, like, really helps it stick in people's minds. I play flute and piccolo, and I'm learning tenor sax. I'm addicted to video games. I like just learning bits and pieces of every language. I got a little bit of Japanese, Chinese, Tibetan, and... Swahili? And Spanish. I took like three years of Spanish in school. A language is just like the gateway into a whole nother culture. It's like you can't understand the culture unless you use the language. Chinese especially, like, 'cause of like the pictograms, and it's kind of like hieroglyphs almost. Like I went on an Egyptian bend a couple of years ago. That was kind of crazy. Like Chinese, it's like totally entwined with their daily life. It's like you look at English and you're like, "ah, they're just a bunch of letters, now, I guess." 'Cause, like, Chinese, there's the whole drawing aspect, which I really like. Life should be measured in experience, not money. It's just like what you do defines you. I don't know, as long as you've got the ideas and the drive you can do anything. Is Lakota hard to learn?

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Year: 2009
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Posted by: boingboing on Oct 16, 2009

Institute for the Future teamed up with Sun Microsystems and Boing Boing to create the Digital Open, an online tech expo for global youth.

In this video, you'll meet a winning teen: Alexis McAdams, whose "Dioractive" project brings current events to life by way of living re-enactments.

The Digital Open is a project of Institute for the Future, in partnership with Sun Microsystems and Boing Boing. The competition welcomed entries in 8 categories: Open Code, Community, Discovery, Earth, Entrepreneurs, Gear, Media, and Play. more online:

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