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Nozizwe Medlala-Routledge: Learning From One Another

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Global Oneness Project Learning From One Another I think there's much that we can learn from one another. I've mentioned our own experiences in South Africa. But we took lesson from conflicts in other parts of the world. Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge, Cape Town, South Africa, Former South African Deputy Minister of Health And we were supported in our own struggle -- to richer -- a point where we could sit down and negotiate a future for our country. I think human beings have within them the capacity both to make peace, and to make war. And what is really ideal is for us to look for that and find in each one of us that which makes us human. That makes us want to live and want to enjoy freedoms. And if we work with that, it actually is possible to find a solution to the conflicts. A lot of the time, the conflicts that rage and continue in the world whether it's conflicts around resources -- conflicts between men and women, conflicts among religions -- those conflicts are fueled by the negative in us which is encouraged where we demonize one another, where we do not see ourselves being able to share and have a common understanding. But it is possible to find one another. It is possible to sit down around the table and resolve our conflicts. But it is also neccesary for us to find the ways -- the alternative ways -- of dealing with conflict. And therefore, the efforts that are being shown around the world where individual leaders -- like in our country we had Mandela, who showed all of us as the South African nation, that it is possible to forgive. He had spent 27 years in prison -- in prison not because he had done anything wrong -- all that he had been doing was fighting for freedom and peace in our country. But when he came out of that experience of being in prison for 27 years, he showed all of us -- black and white in our country -- that it is possible to forgive, that it is possible to love that person who over the years had been your enemy. So that makes it possible for you to see that there's a bigger world. Within your own experience, there's a bigger experience where it is possible for you to get beyond your immediate experience and seek out that -- that is human, that unites us as human beings. In Africa, we have this concept of one to which is humaneness. It means I am not human without your being present, and my allowing you to be present. I am human because you are human. So out of that concept, we therefore then see that we have a shared experience, but also we can find one another and create a peaceful coexistence.

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