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Peppa Pig - Nieve

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SNOW Peppa and George are very excited. It's snowing outside. Mummy, can we go to play in the snow? Yes, but it's very cold outside, so you must wrap up very well. Hurray!! And don't forget to wear your hats, scarfs and gloves. It's very cold outside. Peppa and George must wear their hats, the scarf and gloves. Come on, George! Peppa and George are leaving their footsteps in the snow. They love making footprint in the snow. Oh dear! It's not funny! George, let's go to make snowballs! Peppa has made a snowball. Peppa and George are having a lot of fun. George, come here, little pig! Oh! (George cries) Oh dear, maybe this game is getting a little too violent. I'm sorry George. George! We're going to build a snowman! Peppa and George are going to make a snowman. Firstly, they make the body. This is the snowman's body. The next one is the snowman's head. He misses his arms, eyes and the mouth George has found some sticks for making his arms. Peppa has found some stones for the eyes and the mouth. The snowman's face. Now, he needs a nose. Peppa brings a carrot to make the snowman's nose. He looks very happy. But maybe, he is a bit cold. The snowman needs some clothes or he will be cool. George brings some clothes for the snowman. So he will be warm. The snowman is wearing his hat, scarf and gloves. Mummy, daddy! Come to see him! Mummy Pig is wearing her hat, scarf and gloves. That is the best snowman that I've ever seen. It percives that Daddy Pig is cold. He isn't wearing his hat, scarf and gloves. Daddy, why aren't you wearing your hat, scarf and gloves? I couldn't find them. They are not in anywhere. I think where are your hat, your scarf and your gloves. The snowman is wearing the hat, scarf and gloves' daddy. Oh... (They all laugh)

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Duration: 4 minutes and 29 seconds
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Genre: Animated
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Posted by: eyuste23 on Nov 22, 2013

It's snowing, and Peppa Pig is going to play in the snow with George Pig.

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