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Silverback Strategies Case Study: Ritz-Carlton Residences, Inner Harbor Baltimore

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[Emily Bock, Project Manager, RXR] Prior to hiring Silverback, if you searched for the Ritz you got the Ritz Trip Club before you got the Ritz-Carlton. So needless to say they did a phenomenal job of getting us where we wanted to be in organic search. The Ritz-Carlton was really one of the first residential projects for our company. Prior to the grand opening there were 139 contracts for 192 units. And then 2008 happened, and all but about 20 of those contracts defaulted. We knew that we needed velocity of sales. We are a digital performance agency. We put together any kind of game plan [Kurt Lambert, Director, SEO, Silverback Strategies] that's associated with driving and measuring leads. We really weren't all familiar with the whole SEO, SEM, PPC thing. They really listened to us to understand what our needs were first and brought it down to our level. The way that we put together our reporting, the way that we communicated with them on an ongoing basis, we really kept them in the loop every step of the way. And I think over time that really built a lot of trust in that relationship. And we want to make sure that the people that are really looking for this luxury kind of living are finding the Ritz-Carlton. How are they searching? How are we going to capture them? This was definitely a unique project. We didn't want to just bring anybody to the website. We really put their website under the microscope making sure that it spoke to the right audience. In Google's eyes, we've built the Ritz-Carlton Residences brand in the luxury condo landscape. Within three months, we had gone from being on the second or third page to the first page, and a few months thereafter we were the top three. The traffic that we did drive were people who were truly interested in the Ritz-Carlton brand and ended up actually going through and purchasing condos. Being on that first page of Google I think meant everything. We went from having 10 sales in a year to averaging 30 to 40 sales a year for the next three years that we were using them. You can see you have granite standard throughout. I definitely see Silverback Strategies as a long-term partner for us. We've really tried to stay quick on our feet. We know that the industry's changing all the time. There's constantly new features and new platforms coming out. They make my life so much easier that even if I knew how to do it myself I wouldn't want to. I really couldn't have had a better experience working with them. [Silverback STRATEGIES]

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Posted by: bkirst1 on Feb 9, 2017

The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Inner Harbor Baltimore struggled to move units until Silverback Strategies got involved with the project. Emily Bock, project manager, sales and marketing at RXR Realty, tells the story.

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