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Products of our environment (Repository)

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There are at least two people present right now. There's me, this 'ominous' voice-over, and then there's you, the person watching this video Now, chances are, I've probably never met you before but I can already say we have a lot in common with each other. I don't possess any mind-reading powers, I'm not a psychic. I can arrive at this conclusion because regardless of your age, gender, ethnicity, religion, political beliefs... no matter who you are, we both require the same natural necessities of life in order to exist. Let's think about this for a minute. To sustain human life on this planet we need food, water, air, warmth, some type or shelter and a basic education. These are fundamental attributes every person all around the globe has in common. Unfortunately, we tend to ignore all the stuff that makes us the same and instead we focus in on our differences, whatever we think they may be. A valid question in this equation would be: Where do these differences come from? And why do we obsess over them in the first place? If you were to take a child at birth from Beijing, China, and raised that child in a traditional household in the United States, he or she would learn to embrace the culture of the United States. This child would learn to speak english with an american accent and he or she would adopt the same general behaviour and ideals like any other child raised in the same environment. Unless they were exposed to it, the child would have no knowledge of chinese traditions, culture, religion, etc. This same outcome would apply to any child of any background, and vice versa. Let's say we were to raise another child in a very healthy and sustainable environment. This child would receive all the necessities of life, along with love, care, attention, education, etc. Let's also asume that the only variable we control in this child's environment is that he never learns the existence of a gun. He will never acquire any knowledge of how to hold a gun, load a gun or shoot a gun. If this child grows up and lives a life without ever learning about guns he will never shoot and kill anyone. For this person to try and grasp the idea of a gun by himself would be like you trying to imagine a colour you've never seen before. The gun concept is out of his frame of reference and the colour you've never seen before is out of your frame of reference. So what causes these differences that people get so worked up about? It's our environment! What we're exposed to when we're growing up is what shapes us into who we are and how we act: our values, behaviour, ideals, knowledge and judgement... it's all learnt! You're not born a racists, a gang member, corrupt, good, evil, liberal, conservative, religious. All of these things are learnt. It's no coincidence that children end up the same religion as their parents, or someone who is racist coming from a racist family. As long as we keep practising these false ideas, they will continue to pollute society for everyone. The point here is that we all share the same basic physiological needs. So, why do we act like we're different from one another? Despite how different you think you are from someone else on any level, if you were to remove any of the necessities of life out of the environment, you would both die. We would all die! There is no exception for anyone. Whether we like it or not, we're stuck on this planet together. Why don't we start thinking in a new direction? Why don't we start bridging our differences and coming together as a species? If humans put aside their meaningless differences and worked together rather than against each other, there would be no end to what we could accomplish! The Zeitgeist Movement

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Duration: 3 minutes and 46 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: whacksteez
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Posted by: tzmgermany on Aug 4, 2012

Short video that shows how similiar we all are, and the profound ramifications of acknowledging our dependence on nature, the environment and our fellow human beings. We are products of our environment. Re-Up from: davpaez Timestamps adjusted und transcript corrected Working-Location:

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