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9/11 Coincidences (11/19)

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When a crime is being committed, any good investigator will ask the question: who benefits? So lets apply this reasoning to the main parties associated with the events of 9/11 Osama Bin Laden. Five days after 9/11 Bin Laden stated that he had no knowledge of the attacks He also stated that the attacks appear to have been carried out by individuals with their own motivation. This statement was aired only once on Al-jazeera TV on the sixteenth of September 2001 Before 9/11 Osama Bin Laden had lived as a fugitive but he was a wealthy fugitive who had enjoyed relative freedom outside of the USA He was even able to obtain kidney dialysis treatment at an american hospital in Dubai just prior to 9/11 And within Afghanistan, his country of residence, he was protected by the Taliban who had full control of the country. however, after 9/11, Bin Laden's life became increasingly worse. For example he was unable to stay within the comfort zone of Afghanistan because the country had been invaded by the coalition forces Bin Laden was also unable to freely visit other countries for hospital treatment because those countries would risk being accused of harboring a wanted terrorist. He would therefore have to spend even more of his money on protection Plus his future options would be extremely limited in terms of survival, finding a place to stay Finding the hospital treatment he needed and planning future terror attacks. Numerous news reports from 2002 stated that Bin Laden has in fact died. So when it comes to the question of who benefited from 9/11 on a scale of 0 to 10, Osama Bin Laden scores 0 Al qaeda Al qaeda was created by the CIA during the 1980's for purpose of fighting off an attempted russian invasion of Afghanistan The CIA funded Al qaeda and supplied them with the weapons and intelligence they needed to ward off the russian threat. When the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan in the late 1980's the CIA continued to fund Al qaeda and many of its operatives were used as CIA assets These operatives were used as double agents, be used in anti terrorism drills in the USA and for covert military operations. since 9/11 Al qaeda would have found it almost impossible to carry out major terrorist attacks on countreis like the USA for example the patriot act in the USA allows government to spy on all phone and e-mail communications so life for every terrorist organization would have become immeasurably become worse since 9/11 In addition to this the invasion of Afghanistan and the loss of so many of Al Qaeda's main operatives would have seriously disrupted and undermined Al Qaeda's ability to function as a terror group in the future So when it comes to the question of who benefited from 9/11 on a scale of 0 to 10, Al Qaeda scores 0 Saddam Hussein Up until 9/11, Saddam enjoyed a relatively comfortable life as a dictator of Irac However, after 9/11 Saddam's life became progressively worse Firstly because of the constant insinuations that Saddam had something to do with 9/11 And secondly because of the accusations that Saddam possessed weapons of mass destruction Within 18 months of 9/11 Iraq was invaded and Saddam was reduced to live in squalid conditions ... on the rent from his invaders Shortly after the invasion of Iraq, Saddam was captured after he was found hiding in a small underground spider hole and derelict house in the crate. He was held as a prisoner for three years before being tried and hanged. The Iraqi court found Saddam guilty of crimes he committed during the 1980's So when it comes to the question of who benefited from 9/11 on a scale of 0 to 10,Saddam Hussein scores less than 0 so out of the three parties have had the finger pointed at them by the bush administration complicity in the 9/11 attacks None of them benefit politically financially or strategically from what happened on 9/11 politically financially or strategically from what happened on 9/11 in fact the exact opposite is the case the lives of these three parties have been turned upside down to the point where they could no longer function as they did before 9/11 so who did benefit from 9/11? Larry silverstein this man became the lease holder of the world trade center complex just a few weeks before 9/11 Silverstein faced a daunting task ... to remove illigal Asbesto that covers every steel beam in the twin towers this job would cost over a billion dollars when Silverstein possesioned the world trade center complex reworked the insurance policy on the complex just specifically for other terrorist attacks after nine eleven silverstein received seven billion dollars compensation from his insurers that's a massive profit on his original fifteen million dollar investment so when it comes to the question of who benefited from nine eleven on a scale zero to ten Larry silverstein scores ten the project for the new american century in september of two thousand these member produced neo-con manifesto call project for the new American century or PNAC, for short this manifesto detailed their ambition and intentions for America in the twenty-first century it called for the transformation of America into tomorrow's dominant force through permenent military bases in the middle east it also wanted to establish America as a global constabulary unchallenged by the US and the rest of the world it also call for regime change in countries like iraq and afghanistan. But it said that fulfilling these ambitions would be a long process unless there was a catastrophic and catalyzing event... like new Pearl Harbour within twelve months producing PNAC manifesto events of 9/11 took place and new neo-con administration was able to carry out virtually every ambition called for in their PNAC manifesto so when it comes to the question of who benefited from 9/11 on a scale of zero to ten the PNAC group scores ten. Dick cheney the current vice president for the former CEO of Halliburton still receives a multi-year deferred salary package from Halliburton whose stock has increased considerably since invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq The Arms industry there's nothing better for arms industry than a war since nine eleven billions of dollars worths missiles and bombs have been used and have to be replaced president bush is asking for and receiving additional defense funds but he is the man to spend those billions of dollars give them to his friends and business partners who in turn support his political career, not pleased with money as part of the carlyle group, the bush family have already gained huge profits from the companies manufacture of weapons and military bases since 9/11 so when it comes to the question of who benefited from 9/11, on a scale of zero to ten Bush, Cheney, and the Arms Industry scores ten US oil companies. again business field where president bush is involved over sixty percent of the world oil happen to be in the middle east the current supply of oil used by the US which is the world's biggest oil consumer will be exceeded by demand within the next ten years or so. without gaining control of that sixty percent of the oil in the middle east US economy would soon collapse, so it is essential for America to gain control of those oil fields in the middle east as soon as possible not just for its own use, but also to control the supply about oils to other countries such as china which will soon become the most powerful nation on earth since the 1980s US oil interest want to build a oil pipeline from the caspian oil field down through Afghanistan they wanted to do this in order to control the supply of oil to countries such as China however the taliban who occupied afghanistan at the time refused to allow the US to build this pipeline however, just one day after america installed its own government in Afghanistan Contract was signed to construct the pipeline they desperately wanted so when it comes to the question of who benefited from manhattan on a scale of zero to ten the American oil companies score ten the US government terrorist attacks on nine eleven gave the US government the excuse futher pursue its goal of a new world order by means of war the Patriot Act allows the government to spy on the communications of every citizen it also allows the sampling of DNA of any person who convicted of any crime of violence and it also allows arrest on suspicion without a warrant, without probable cause in secret, without notifying anybody, without the right to see a lawyer to the people who've been blamed for 9/11 i Osama bin laden al-Quida and saddam Hussain have gain nothing from nine eleven and lost everything as a result of 9/11 whereas the people who pointed the finger of blame i bush cheney and PNAC group gained everything may have wanted as a direct result of 9/11 the same is true of the world trade center lease holder Larry Silverstein and of course US oil and Arms companies

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Who Benefited From 9/11?
When a crime has been committed, any good investigator will ask the question -- Who benefits? In this 9/11 Coincidences installment, we apply this same reasoning to the main parties associated with the events of 9/11.

I had to shorten this video in order to upload it to YouTube, so I edited lots of bits out. The full video is 30 mins long and goes into more detail on each of the parties spoken about.

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