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IBM GBS improvement - intro

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We have to go for greatness on this. I mean we have to think differently, we have to think boldly, and let's just let ourselves be great. It's ours to shape; we can change this. [The Value Driven Proposal] Hello! Over the last several months, I've had the pleasure of working with colleagues across GBS to reimagine and reinvent one of the our most important experiences our clients have with us, that of receiving a proposal from IBM. Our charge is clear: to increase the number and improve the strategic importance of our client engagements. To get there requires a radical shift in how we think about proposals. Instead of a narrowly defined document focused on a description of certain IBM capabilities, this approach imagines each proposal as a dialog with several interactions constructed from the point of view of what's most valuable to the client. We're calling it the Value Driven Proposal. Many of you, our leadership team partners and other key business leaders, have contributed ideas to this new approach. We organized your insights and used them in several recent pilots with current deals. We incorporated learnings from these pilots into our thinking to produce this toolkit, a guide to the Value Driven Proposal experience for all of GBS. Above all, a Value Driven Proposal is client-centric. It frames a new possibility from the client's perspective and makes that possibility come alive, all in the context of an active collaboration with the client. A Value Driven Proposal uses a tightly crafted story line to make the case for change with both hard evidence and emotional impact. The best proposals contain moments of "wow," interactions that are so vivid, personalized, and unexpected that they set us apart from any other potential partner. Each module includes a description of the concept, a set of exercises, and templates, using crafting a proposal for a real opportunity. I encourage you to not only read the toolkit, but to use it. The toolkit includes 5 modules that offer straightforward guidance on how to create a great Value Driven Proposal experience. Module 1, Getting Grounded. It's about imagining the opportunity from our client's perspective, taking into consideration their beliefs, concerns, and desired outcomes. Writing the Story focuses on what we want to communicate throughout, from the written proposal to the oral presentation. It trains us to focus on the single big idea from the client's perspective and build an arc of a story around that big idea using logic and emotion. Preparing for Orals and Module 4, Delivering Orals, provide detailed guidance on the orals experience. We begin with some basic rules of the road gleaned in large part from the excellent work of Mark Harris. We go on to show how teams can deliver a truly differentiated and "wow" orals experience during which we can facilitate interactive work sessions that accelerate the main ideas of the proposal. Following Through draws attention to the followup interactions that can be critical to winning the work but are too often overlooked.

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