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Jim Phillips - TZM Education Intro - London Z-Day, 2014

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All right. Next we have a… What we’d like to call our own personal Duracell rabbit. His name is Jim Phillips. He never runs out of energy. And that can be quite annoying. Please do welcome him with the same energy that he refuses to abandon, Mr. Jim Phillips. [clapping] Although, I have recently got some batteries from Poundland and please don’t bother, they just run out all of the time. Stick with Duracell. That’s absolutely brilliant to come on stage after that because it feeds perfectly into what I am giving a talk about, but before I actually talk about it, a little correction on this TV. I think half of the proceeds actually go to running the movement in terms of buying materials and things. Yes, we still live in a monetary system. So, do donate generously for the TV. Also there’s an exhibition in the Brockway Room just down the hall, so in the break please do all go and pollute the room and fill your mind full of utopian communist propaganda. [laughter] My name is James Phillips. I’m the human Duracell bunny, so, which is a contradiction, but never mind. I give lectures here and presentations in London, monthly at the Elixir Bar and also setup this organization called TZM Education back in 2011. I want to just tell you how I came upon that and how I came upon the movement, briefly. I watched Zeitgeist Addendum in 2008 which gave me the sort of slap in the face treatment as I am sure it maybe gave some of you if you’d watched it But, in a true scientific sense, I went on to do some research because I did not want to go full in on it. I pretty much had all of my questions answered by the time I came to Z-Day 2010 and watched the very eloquent and wonderful Ben Cliquice give a talk. The room was filled with people who I am seeing here today. I really expected to see a bunch of sort of dreadlocked hippies in sandals going ‘We can really do this, man!’. You know! To find a room like this I thought "I think this idea might be slightly bigger than just lentils and marijuana". That’s the time that I decided to take the plunge and really, really get involved and it occurred to me almost as instantly that what we have to do is go for the low hanging fruit and that is children, you know. They still have their minds open to receiving new information. This is a train of thought that we’re here talking about, lots of questions have been asked about transition. The real transition is a transition in thinking. If our thinking doesn’t back up the model that the movement advocates then there is no model and we can just carry on like death Monopoly. Pretty much, if fits a train of thought, then where does that train of thought take root? Essentially in how we are educating children and that’s a very, very important thing to know. So. TZM Education has a couple of purposes. The first of which is to show the flaws in the current educational model and what changes we would need to make to it to start to instill the train of thought necessary for a Resourced-Based Economic model. But also it got an activism section for Zeitgeist Movement members to get involved with so they can go into schools, which is precisely what I have been doing for the last couple of years.

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Duration: 24 minutes and 35 seconds
Year: 2014
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Language: English
Producer: The Zeitgeist Movement
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Posted by: ltiofficial on Jun 1, 2015

This talk outlines some general recommendations regarding the delivery of NLRBE concepts to the next generation. The global TZM Education activism project mentioned in the talk is now live! Please go to to get involved.

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