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Far Tagarob (A Guiena Pig)

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I don't understand how some people are dealing with the revolution. Or most people relate to the revolution as if it were black or white. Either I'm with the revolution or against it. Everything was fine. And you, people of the liberation, pushed us into disgrace and you have ruined everything. I don't think that this behaviour is right and logical towards a population of 80 million people. The truth is that I deal with the revolution, as I would a friend. A friend, who, in the beginning, I couldn't stand and would make fun of And for some time didn't like, and didn't imagine that something could happen. There were lots of witnesses supporting me in that issue. Then I started to love him and believe in him a lot. And was ready to sacrifice myself for him. Then like any relationship between two people I took a step backward. And I've tried to see where is the black and the white. This thing, like others, has its positives and negatives. After having carefully thought now I understand That positives are positive and that negatives are negative. And I'm not an extremist that remains only in the negative side or on the positive one. I'm afraid that what happened is completely positive. It can only be a good thing for the country if not now it will be in the future. Even if we were forced into an experience… fundamentalist or similar. Whatever the experience of your country you can learn from it and you can choose how to do it right. But the problem is these 30 years or 25 years in which this experience of life and politics could happen, and which are nothing in the long history of the country are a lifetime for me They are the best things in the world. And inside me there is something that refuses to live the 30 remaining years of my life...escaping from this experience.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 13 seconds
Country: Egypt
Language: Arabic
Views: 693
Posted by: shaw on Sep 8, 2011

A short, auto-visionary documentary showing a young Egyptian filmmaker's thoughts and fear about the revolution that too place in his country at the beginning of 2011.

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