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American Hustle (2013)

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(Irving Rosenfield) I - I believe that you should treat people the way that you want to be treated. Didn't Jesus say that? (Carmine Polito) Right. (Irving) Also, always take a favor over money. I think Jesus said that as well. (Carmine)-- I don't know if he said the second one. He might have said the first one. [soft jazz] ♪ (Richie) Everybody thought, ah, Richie DiMaso gonna stay in the office. I'm outside on the field. I got people working for me. My ideas, I'm runnin' the show, I'm the quarterback, and I'm not gonna settle. ♪ It's not for me to say ♪ (Sydney Prosser) He wasn't necessarily in good shape, and he had this comeover that was rather - elaborate. He had this confidence that drew me to him. (Carmine) My father - he taught me to believe that all people were good, that you be good to all people. (Rosalyn Rosenfield) Life is ridiculous, and you know that I would never say anything bad about your father in front of you, but, your father is a sick son of a bitch. (boy) Daddy's a sick son of a bitch? Don't repeat that. But yes. ♪ [rockier] (Richie) Hey. Play your part. (Sydney) Fine, you play your part. ♪ [ELO - 10538 Overture] You have to find a way to survive, and you knew your choices were bad. But - you had to survive. We've been so successful for so long, because we kept it just small enough. If you're that successful, how come you wound up in this room, with me, right now? Takin' orders from me. ♪ Did you see that man, running through the streets today ♪ This is agent DiMaso, placing $75,000 in this briefcase, for Mayor Carmine Polito. We all gonna get it right aren't we? We are going to find the light! That's right! [cheering/applause] [gunshot] (Sydney) We gotta get it over on all these guys. That's what we need to be thinking about right now. We gotta get over on all these guys. It's gotta be the best we've ever done.

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