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-we're going to start with your name and your age.- My name is Gregorio Llerenas Perez -and how old are you ?- 90. -how old?.... 92?- 9.0. but tomorrow 92 I mean 91 -91?- tomorrow at 12 pm, I was born. right now I am 90 but tomorrow if god lets me, at 12 pm I will be 91 -I will be asking you about the 50's, do you remember them?- yes -Where did you live in those years?- In the year 1950 I lived in Manzanillo but towards the end of the year on November 3rd I left to the United States. -And what did you come do here?- I lived over there, for 4 years. -4 years? and did you work here?- yes, I worked over there picking chiles, strawberries picking lemons, avocados, and watering plants -do you remember who was president at the time?- in those times? -yes in those times.- hmmmmm no, I don't remember. I want to remember but I can't -no?- I don't remember. -and why only 4 years, until you returned to Mexico?- I returned to see my family, my parents, everyone. an it turns out, that when I returned nobody even remembered me. -they didn't remember you?- Nobody knew me, everything was lost. -how?- I got really sad because if I knew I would've stayed in the U.S. because I was going to receive papers. but that's just how life is. -they were giving out papers in those years?- yes, my boss was fixing papers for me. oh okay. but since I went back to Mexico, I didn't get them. I got left with nothing, I raised 3 of my brothers. I worked very hard for my siblings, two sisters and one brother. One of them is named ******, the other one is named ****** and on may 2 she just turned 80 years old. I raised her since she was small. And another one who is named ******. I raised all three of them. but they would visit you, even though you're so far but not me. Sometimes my brother comes visit. very rarely. But I raised them, I was their father. I didn't have a father, never met him. seems fair huh? I used to carry water only shoulder, 20 liters on each shoulder. with 40 liters of water on my shoulder I climbed hills with just a pair of old sandals. to get money where was this, in the U.S. or in Mexico? this was in Mexico, I used to know how to make cheese and cream too. I used to walk down the streets and sell them. _________________ sounds hard. my life was dark, at the age of 7 years old I started working. I used to take food for a man, and he used to make me cut wood to make him fire. since I was 7 years old, I didn't have the opportunity to attend school. so I could give schooling to my siblings, I had to work. you're the eldest? yes, the eldest. and my mother, who rests in peace, she used to hit me hard. to one of my sisters and me. we were the eldest. What do you think about that? I had to work hard, and then at the age of 13-14 I used to work with bulls, do you know what those are? ummm, no? yes, bulls but the ones they use for farming. and with those and a wagon made of of steel, I would farm. _____________________ when you came to work in the U.S, how old were you ? exactly..... I was 23 years old. oh you were young. and how was it over here, your work life? in those times there was a lot of jobs. because....... I don't think it was Lazaro Cardenas It was another president but have you heard of Lazaro Cardenas? no I haven't He was a president, born in Michoacan. that man made sure all Mexico had something to eat. like him there hasn't been another president (the other presidents)only know how to steal That general was a division general, he invested lots of money to the farmers to work the lands The United States invited him to visit, but he told them he didn't have the papers to enter their land, so he would rather stay put (In Mexico) we don't ask for favors Do you understand? -so he was helping in Mexico? in the 50's, he was the president you said?- no,no,no, it was a different one by then but his term had just finished when I was like...I can't quite remember how old I was, maybe 13, or 14, he in charge. he had lots to eat he was a very simple man, he didn't want a plate. He would eat straight from the pot He didn't use silverware You know what we used to call him? We called him Tata Cardenaz, because he was like a grandpa to the old people like me. he was such a simple man. he was so modest that he used to hug even the poorest of people And not once did he ever need a body guard, do you understand me? him, by himself, while president owned a ranch where he worked -so he was a good person. he took care of himself- it would be impossible for him to be any better, he didn't need any protection, everyone loved him (inaudible&irrelevant) -what year did you return to Manzanillo from the United States?- (doing the math) I returned in 1954 -And what did you work in when you came back?- In manzanillo in a unit called padre hidalgo, where they filled the lagoon to build more units. cutting metal the measurements that we needed, cementing, we would make one house per day. -oh thats fast- but it was so many workers. (inaudible) -oh okay, and in the 60s you didn't leave Manzanillo anymore?- I stayed in Mexico but I left to the majestic city of Mexico City -oh okay- I left after we finished, I can't remember the exact date but I left to the city. That is where god gave me my children, they are all from Mexico City. and I stayed in the city for many years, more than 35 years for whatever reason, I had to go back to Manzanillo to the mountains, in the city I worked in a big market I used to sell grocery bags, I won good money there have you ever seen the "Mercado de la Merced" -No I have not- ask your dad how it was, I use to take him when he was small it is huge, it is two streets long... so huge, its the biggest market in the world -oh really- yes the "Mercardo de Merced", ask your dad and after I got tired of that job I returned to Manzanillo and sold flowers your dad has never showed you the flowers I made? -he tells me stories about them- they were very small and I used to decorate them. Many different flowers. Under he house that I am in used to be my old house where I had a garden to grow plants and sell them. I used that money to buy land. I bought your dad some land, and some for your uncle but a woman stole them from me. she robbed me. she did not give me any papers but took them from me. but with those small flower arrangements I could afford these small lands -wow thats good- (inaudible) but I worked so hard, I did not sleep. -the wars never affected you? were any happening in Mexico or in the U.s when you came to live here?- there wasn't any -in Manzanillo?- when my mother was born, your grandma her name was Victoria Perez, when she was born a year later a war started here. in 1910, and she was born in 1909 and in 1910, the civill war started over here she did have a dark time I had a chance to see a little bit of it when I was a kid they used to grab people, tie a rope around their neck and hang them and hang rocks on their feet. Their tongues would come out what do you think about that? I got to witness that -sounds horrible- there was civil wars -and in the years 50s or 60s tyou didn't witness any of that? when you went to the U.S everything was good?- no no, everything was fine -thats good you didn't have to go through that again- -That is all I am going to ask for the interview, I will be saying goodbye now- -those are all the questions I have- oh thats it? all done? -yes yes- well that was very easy -yes, like I told you it was all about you- it was easy -yes, thank you for doing it- oh no it was nothing I know you a little more now

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Interview for a history class.

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