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Yankor 6 - Draconians and my experience

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Travels in Universe 6 - My Experience with Draconians (Yankor) This is Yankor so I ended off in my previous interview explaining my experience with the Draconians and that I really looked at everything in terms of the, presentation of themselves their city their universe, their existence that they'd only reveal, you know just a tad bit of what it is they were actually capable of really doing so, me and my seventeen 'stooges', mostly spent our time with the- and in the Draconian existence you know our first attempts with trying to go unnoticed which failed miserably because they could see us (laugh) which astounded us extremely because no one, really could we thought so the Draconians informed us that we are, allowed to prod around and have a look at everything you know, ask questions they would be happy to accompany us so we had our own Draconian guide, a young little Draconian who showed us around, spoke to us they had an interesting way of speaking their voice and their sound their language was magnificently beautiful I know it sounds like I was in love with them, maybe I was (laugh) to a certain extent but you know, you couldn't help yourself they were just you know those 'angel choruses' you hear you know the beautiful angel voice angel voices with a where god comes down Jesus comes down and you just 'hear the angels' type thing yah you had that kind of moment when you get to know them where- they are just, astounding, they are just breathe taking it's not that they are beautiful or anything you know they weren't you wouldn't say they were beautiful races- in terms of the presence of themselves but their presentation just the way they communicate the way they- experiment, build, explore investigate certain aspects of- everything it was amazing like for instance they were busy with investigating DNA strands yes there were DNA strands in existence interdimensionally during that time but we didn't refer to it as DNA we referred to as our Life essence we believed that without that- we'd die yah I suppose if human being's DNA would be removed I'm sure you'll die (laugh) but you know that were- that we believed that the DNA was god you know was our Life essence, was of Life and we started and the Draconians were the actual ones that started investigating it fascinating it was amazing, so I remember we were walking- with this Draconian young Draconian boy and he showed us what they were busy experimenting and investigating and it was their own DNA strands which was amazing, to actually explain to you how it looked like, and how it worked and how it moved would- be extremely difficult but it was just- you know my eyes were like big round saucers when I saw it I said: Wow is that how I look like and they said: No, this is our Life essence our Life force, our the gift of Life, was what the DNA was so I noticed one day I was walking past the like this they had these huge huge buildings like laboratories almost and I remember walking past and I saw these Draconian with these like metal head things on was like this spiraling wire going up from the center and they were attached to these huge big tubes it looked like water and it was being- from the water it was they were- the water was being infiltrated into the Draconians and they formed like crystals inside the Draconians it was fascinating I don't know what the hell it was and I asked the little Draconian boy just closed the door and said: this is not your time yet to understand what is being done here it was really strange, like this Draconian was standing there with this metal head piece on and just looking straight forward, and this water was like being transfered into him, and crystallized inside his physical body so in terms of interdimensionally, you were taught how to see interdimensionally meaning you were taught how to see through and as everything but! you had levels so, you- this you were taught in school, Satya so as you progressed in your expansive nature of your 'learning' you'd be taught how to see interdimensionally but only through levels now I was only able to see at level three you had level seventy five where you're able to see literally everything so so you had to level seventy five now those who were "grand masters" that's what we called them now I was only able to see level three and that's like (laugh) really not much level three you are able to just see through a being you know, like x-rays yah so when I looked through the Draconian that's what I saw you know the crystals being formed what the hell that was I had no idea I only discovered and found that out- later so, what else was interesting? well most of their- the Draconian's buildings you know their- their planet and their existence was built and designed- mathematical precision, equations yes the Draconians were, of the smart mathematical equation existence now I've got a little- secret that I will tell you in my 'next interview' what a wonderful (laugh) closing this is Yankor I'll see- see you in my next interview For more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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