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Group 5 Video - Final

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Welcome to the magic show. I’m your great magician - 歡迎嚟到呢個魔術表演,我係你哋偉大嘅魔術師 Chi Kan Well you know, people always say great magicians - 你哋應該知道魔術師 can make things disappear. - 係識得變走啲嘢, So can I. - 我都得! For example, this apple - 例如呢個蘋果。 Oh no! Where’s everything? I can't see! - 咦,啲嘢去晒邊? Is the apple gone yet? - 隻蘋果變走咗未? No... I need my things back! - 唔得,我要我啲嘢返嚟。 No no no, everything's wrong! - 唔係呀,啲嘢全部錯晒位! And now, this is a lot better! 而家就好好多啦。 Well, that was just a little - 嗱,啱啱嗰個只不過係俾大家一個小小 welcome joke for all of you - 嘅開場玩笑 Right now, here's - 之後落嚟嗰啲 the real deal - 先係重頭戲。 Is there anyone - 有冇人 who would like to join me on stage - 想同我一齊 to perform this magic trick? - 表演嚟緊呢個魔術啊? Oh, I see a pretty lady over here... 咦,我見到呢度有個靚女 But before that - 表演之前 of course we need a chair - 我哋梗係要張凳先啦。 Now, please - 好啦, take a seat - 攞張凳啦 (請坐低) Well, don't mind if I do! - 咁好?咁我唔客氣啦, It's a nice chair you've got - 張凳好靚! Thank you so much! 咁我唔客氣啦, I should go to more of your magic shows! - 我應該去多啲你嘅表演先得! Hey! No! Stop! Stop! - 唔係啊,唔係呀, Hey give me back the chair! ,比番張凳我啊! Hey, come back! - 喂,返嚟啊! Take this! - 攞去啦! Oh thank you! - 嘩,多謝埋你個鬍鬚。 Just come back, please - 你返嚟啦唔該⋯⋯ Ok, so now - 嗱咁嚟緊落嚟 this magic trick - 呢個魔術表演 is really easy - 好簡單嘅啫 But - 但係 a little bit dangerous - 都有小小小小危險。 So actually - 咁其實 how brave are you? - 你勇唔勇敢㗎? Not that brave - 麻麻哋啦。 It's okay - 都唔緊要嘅, Because anyway, you are in safe hands - 我會睇住你。 Okay, because I really trust you- 咁我信你㗎啦, don't let me down - 唔好令我失望。 You will see - 你遲啲咪知。 So now, here - 嗱,呢度 you can see - 你可以見到 is a nail - 有條釘, And now I will put it - 我而家會將去放 inside one of the paper bags - 入其中一個袋入面。 So could you look behind 你依家擰轉面 at the whiteboard first? - 面向白板先。 Okay - 。好啦 Okay - 。好啦, I will do a demonstration for you, - 等我依家同你做個示範, So choose a bag for me - 幫我揀個袋。 That one! - 嗰個 No no no - that one! - 等等,都係呢個啊, Okay, so I think - 好, there's only one choice left for you - 咁我諗你得返一個選擇, Yeah this one - 係啦就係呢個。 Oh, if you're sure - 你肯定? Yeah I'm sure - 係我肯定。 Oh come on! 哎呀快啲啦。 OWWWWWWW OWWW!!! 啊啊啊啊啊⋯⋯ What's wrong? - 發生咩事? It's bleeding! I trusted you! - 流緊血啊,枉我相信你! Oh sh*t! - 弊, We need to - 我哋要 go to a hospital right now. - 去醫院先得。 I trusted you... 我相信你... Good thing I took your chair... 好彩我都攞走咗你張凳。 Good thing that's not me... - 好彩唔係我... Um so - 咁我 so let's move on to our next one then 哋事不宜遲再去下一個魔術。 You know great magicians, - 你哋知啦偉大嘅魔術師 can also grant wishes - 都可以幫人達成願望, So is there anyone up here... - 咁你哋呢度有冇人 who would like to have a free wish? - 都想要一個免費嘅願望呀? Ooh Ooh! Me! Me! - 我我我, Um can you come on stage - 咁你快啲上嚟個台上面啦。 Yeah I'm really excited - 我好興奮! Okay so tell me - 話我聽 what do you want? - 你想要咩。 I really like this girl - 我真係好鍾意一個女仔, I want to be the apple of her eyes - 我想成為佢眼中嘅蘋果(我想佢睇得我上眼)。 Okay, you want to be the apple of her eyes right?... - 明白,你想喺佢眼中似個蘋果? Yes - 係 But not... not - 係,但係呢⋯⋯ No No it's okay, it's okay, I understand. - 得架啦,我明㗎啦, This is really a pretty easy trick, trust me - 呢個好容易姐。 Give it a bite - 咬一啖啦。 Okay You are what you eat! 你食乜嘢就係乜嘢。 What the f**k?!?! Ta daaaaa!!!! So this basically - 好啦, wraps up the show for tonight- 咁今晚見魔術表演都差唔多啦, So I would like to take this opportunity...我想借呢個機會 to thank a few people... 多謝幾個人, including... - 包括 My brother, who turned into an apple - 變咗蘋果嘅阿哥, My injured sister who's in the hospital right now... 喺醫院受傷嘅家姐, And of course - 和 My lovely mum...我最愛嘅媽媽 and my girlfriend - 同埋女朋友。 What a long day - 真係一個漫長嘅一日, Oops! Ouch!! - 哎呀,好痛, Oh hey brother! - 阿哥咁啱嘅。 F**k off... - 你走啦。

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