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Lara Aragon - Magaluf, Spain - Spanish (Global Lives Project, 2013) ~09:45:00-10:14:59

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Hello Cucuqui! Hello. Has she had breakfast? ? She just had a bottle... Hello cutie, hello Wait, I'll give you the pacifier Ok, bring me a... ...Yuya. It has everything and everything. Yes Hello, Good morning my baby What's wrong? Huh? You froze Hello? What happened? What happened? Do you want to go see your cousins? What happened? Let's go find the godfather Godfaaather! godfaaather! Come on I'm going to clean it up and I'll bring it Lets go and look for the little present presents... for my girl Fer, wake up Is your brother up before you? I mean, he makes noises before you and doesn't get up I already woke him up three times He's up, he's just looking at the furniture with food The rolls are out, your majesty this girl is a freezing a bit what's this , mommy? that is... ...the first present... oh, Angel's from the first year remember I gave Angel all the stuff...? Yes When we first met everything that has been happening... All the trips that we made and this is not a baby's diaper Look Motez, how well you drew What? My, it's so cold! There is your letter from when you first wrote Angel Remember? Only one. The only letter. That's why it's there, because it's a treasure It's a treasure ♪ It's a treasure ♪ Jeni, bring me a diaper from... I think there's still one left wow, look at us so tiny God Wasn't you who like the chocolate croissants? Yes I brought you a whole pack and you didn't... Baby baby... babybabybaby. Baby, you wait for me tomorrow what a baby Maybe it will take you a little longer than tomorrow you know? You could go on Saturday We make it a little longer so we have plenty of time to buy the ticket... and all that stuff and then, once you are there find out the days the play is going to be shown Chuquichuqui! Who's going to talk to you? who is going to talk to you? Find out the days of the plays and all that and while your aunt brings a diaper I'll put on a giant one A diaper that's useful for everything: a dress... what... find out about the plays and then we'll buy the tickets so you can come is there any trash, Jeni? What's wrong? what's wrong? She is freezing, huh? baby? She is freezing and here is the... Should I take the trash out? Yes mam Your feet will be better like this your feet will be better like this, so you are warm what? What's up little baby? Lets get you some clothes What's going on Papapel? huh, Janet? Janet What's going on? Here, let's put this on her what's that? for Janet? A dress... yes they brought you a very pretty little dress very very pretty Very little What's going on with this princess ? I said: "I'm going to get changed" When I got to the spot in my trailer I said: "where is it?" What do you need? I can lend you a shirt? No, I changed shirts this morning. Some pants But it's OK, it doesn't matter, I'll change when... Now can we? ...we arrive to the square later I can lend you my pants but you have to give them back to me It's true It's true I'm afraid As long as you're here we have to have you like this -After... -Motez? -Your hands are white from the cold -Turn on the TV I'm on it I think I... I'm going to... To put it away? I'll lend it to you for a while, ok? No, no, don't worry I'll lend it to you for a while hold on to it for me or zip it up for me, whatever you want -I'll zip it - OK That's elegance That's high class! High class... is what this girl has Oh man, I'm so clumsy... -What? -I'm very clumsy I got it, I got it, I got it. Mom? -Hale -Ah -Ah -Ah Ahhh You've learnd how to say "a", now that you have to say "e" Woww! That's it! Enjoy your meal, mam! She listened to you Enjoy, mam Murderer's face Eeeh! yeah... you laugh there there! Look at that smile! Where is the remote, Fer? I don't know I'm very little yo know, see? I'm tiny I'm teeny tiny! She flips out with you (Television) Put her... Put her there There mmmmm, little girl (Television) Perry the platypus Ahhh What? What? What are you saying? What are you saying you little fatty? Oh, she's so cute! Well, cute or not cute, but at least she's warming up She is freezing I'm freezing Did you see her yesterday with the hat on, or not? No Look Yes sir, that's style! Tell him: "look how cute I am, uncle" "godfather, look how cute I am" Ehhh Girl, she's the Fashion Poly in the morning What are you looking at? She is pretty, yes She's pretty, huh You have to choose what you are going to get her for her baptism. -You are the godfather -What do I get her? You would usually get her the chain or the medallion... Or a little bracelet... I'm going to tell you something, the chain and the medallion are going to last for ever You're going to get her a little bracelet now, look how little her hand is... -And... I have mine and it's not going to last long - I know and it's going to cost you more or less the same Hey miss princess! OK Let's get organized -For breakfast, juice or milk? Yes, I'll have juice Milk -I'll get it, where is it? -Here Juice, and Milk for Fernando Milk by itself? Huh.. yes Would you like a sandwich, a sweet roll, or a chocolate croissant Punchy, yesterday I brought the ham and cheese kind and they are not any good I think there isn't any... Ice Ah! I don't know if it's ours but I'm going to take some By itself, right Fernando? Yes. Do you want the growing up milk or the normal milk? The normal one, if possible. Very well Hi Good morning aunt. I put her PJ's on, You should have put on her PJ's last night Because the gets cold quickly Juice or milk? Juice Give me... No, bibi. When is this one from? It's... from now Cold? Yes... Sorry Are you sure... Did you prepare the milk now? Sit over there with... with your cousins Baby doll? Such a cute baby doll! Why are you crying? Yuya, Pull her shirt down so it covers her back, sweetheart Here Punch, are you up for it? For what? I'll do it then -No, no. I'll give it to her, I'll give it to her -Here Thank you Fer? And now Yuyi I'll take this glass... No I'll take this one. Yuya, yes... Oh, look. I'm going to get you a big cup I don't have any well... you are the most common Impossible to get the ice out Thank you, is that for me? For Janet For? For Janet, everything they have to take in the bag Of course That's the good thing, there are a lot of kids, they can exchange clothes They are not clothes There are 18 pairs of shoes Ten... -18 only, rght? 18! only? -Yes The girl has more pairs of shoes than I do Afterwards they get used to it and when they grow up they want to have 18 pairs of shoes too Look There are super cute shoes over there And I say: So many? Do they not fit Claudia? Who do they belong to? Little Isa Yes, I saw the shoe display by the door yesterday Let's see.... We still ways to go After this we are going to... make a sandwich or something Come here! Wait I'm going to get this Let's see Jeni? -How beautiful! -Wow! Wow! Who are they for, the little girl? Yes I love these -Oh, look - And this? They are some that I know you bought for her, but they don't fit her I bought her these... I think I bought these too -Those, you are right Your mom is going to kill us When she sees all the things you are taking there I think there are some that are not even going to fit her Shoot! Well, it doesn't matter, come. You are now going to do something more impotant She's looks beautiful Yes.. We are dressing her up all pink She is the girl in pink mmm, so good, so good... This is for the dolls Every time I take something home, my mom says, "But, is this for me?" Look, I like those mini Converse What, this? No, like those, I bought her some like those But with flower lining And I saved like 4 or 5 So... As I remember, you know? Wait, let it get inflated (the bottle). Here Then bring me one of the dresses Because, I put her like this now, so she warms up but, she can be here, and like this... Should I save a few? No, put all of them away, I'll get one later Look, give me the... those with stripes. No -These? -No. -These? -No. Jeni, those -Yes -Oh! Yuya, take off her little cap, she's uncomfortable Her head is crooked There That's better You hurt your face again, You've hurt yourself again Oh, but it's not the same one No, The other Jeni is here If you have the bottle in your mouth, you can't have the pacifier too both are incompatible Now when we are done, we'll take a picture to show your sister, I send her pictures every day Come on Yes Did you put cereal in this milk? No Yes Are you sure? She doesn't even get the bib dirty I put in 7 of baby food... I mean, 7 of milk and 4 of baby food Wait here for a minute She has a hand of mine That's it, You are set What? Tell him: "godfather, I eat everything" With the hand out of here... See if you can find it. Look, ehh She is doing like this eat, eat See her little hand, what she does? Where does she put it? Look at her hand, the hand that's behind me. She is grabbing my spare tire I think I know where the crocodile ends up and... What? What... yes I've seen this one I know where the got the crocodile's name from Where is my water? Eh, Punch? What do you mean? Now, they have created one too Yes, Perry's Another one The female crocodile? Mickey's Mickey's? Phone Tell me OK, What happened? Is 24 the limit? Oh, yes OK, OK Nothing Come on Yes, dad I'm here with the little girl, giving her a pacifier Kisses, bye Mam! We have to fix those feet Nobody should ever get their fingernails or toenails done, If they are not going to take care of them Because it looks terrible give me That's why I don't get them done Because I'm a disaster I want to get one of those, to get the brothers come on... You kept freezing today, hey! What? Let's see if we can get them on What a sweet little girl! So cool Look at them, so cool! ole! Very well miss very well Fer, give me that please you are falling apart there, princess You don't want And that, can you put it in the bathroom please? Fer, take that and put it in the bathroom sweetie I'm going to try again... -What? What Jeni is giving to you Let's ... Here, take a picture for his mom But we can see her ok? She's a rapper today Janet! Call her Yuya Call her Janet! Janet! Janet! Hey, little girl Little one! Look at Punchy, look at Punchy Here look Look at this girl... So modern. oh! you are a modern girl! We are going to send it to your mom and dad to mom and dad... and to Grandma there, all together She is so cute I could eat you! How many gears does it have? What? What? Look, we are going to see the grandpa in the pictures wait... Wait wait Oh! the water Should we eat you a little more? Here we go Let's see who's texting us Sorry

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Duration: 30 minutes
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Producer: Mara Pérez
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Posted by: globallives on Oct 29, 2013

Lara goes to pick up her brother Gaby's granddaughter from his caravan. She gives the children breakfast as they watch cartoons on television. Her assistant, Jeni, enters the caravan with a bag full of shoes that another mum sent for the baby.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Lara Aragon.

This video was produced by Mara Pérez, Chino Saavedra, Pablo Barrientos, Paromita Dhar, and Carlos Rodriguez.

This video is part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

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