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Elisha & Vance

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My name is Vance. And I'm Elisha (Vance speaking)There are many reasons why I chose the University of Montevallo, but one I'm the most pleased with is definitely student life. (Elisha speaking)Even as a freshman it's real easy to get plugged in on campus and build meaningful relationships Something that has made a big difference in the whole experience has been living on campus. It's not just about being close to your classes when you're running late in the morning. It's having people around and just being able to knock on somebodys door and ask if they want to go down to the caf. It's about making new friends and meeting new people all the time. (Vance speaking)I play soccer here at the University of Montevallo and I really enjoy being a student athlete It's really cool when you go to your classes and you've got students and teachers ask how your game go. There is a real sense of fan support. It's nice to know you are a part of something that people pride themselves on (Elisha speaking)Something really unique about Montevallo is College Night. College Night is the longest standing homecoming tradition in America It's where our campus divides up into two sides, Purple and Gold and each side competes against each other the main competition is a theatrical show that both sides put on. One way that I got to be involved in College Night was Purple Side cheerleading. (Vance speaking)One thing I've most enjoyed about student life is Greek Week. It's a week long event with the fraternities and sororities and they compete over a talent show and an athletic events, and a philanthropy event Personally my favorite is the tug-of-war and that's always intense. and a lot of fun I really enjoy the week as a whole because it's a good way to get your mind off of school and go out and see all the friends you don't get to see. I'm Elisha Terry, and I'm becoming. I am Vance Curro, and I am becoming.

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Posted by: umadmissions on Apr 22, 2010

Elisha and Vance describing student life.

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