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procesión SWS

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SWS, SWS, SWS, SWS, SWS.... I SuperWomanShiva'm here to take a challenge, defined as the modern woman I do not start from scratch, since many anonymous women have already tried and succeeded before me therefore, I make close look at the Santas Amas de Casa and an endless number of great women sure I get good advice to offer Start your search today on the streets of Raval I hope his corner after the gifts of the Holy Housewives objects that symbolize their knowledge and their daily practices tradition and modernity go hand in hand go on this trip tradition and modernity go hand in hand go on this trip I am the bridge between the wisdom of home and work independently I juggle with buttons ripped and PDAs Dome lions at work, writing shopping lists with letters from the soup of my children and lie in a modern relationship with traditional men I invite you to join me on this journey so be protagonists of this transfer of knowledge and know the Holy HinD Live Santa Seamstress Homemaker, you who know darning, sewing and singing Show me mend my broken SWS, SWS, SWS, SWS, SWS ... Housewife Santa Appliance, relieved of the arduous housework teach me your techniques to achieve better results Housewife Santa Lavandera, you tend thoroughly clean your laundry teach me how to get that pure white SWS, SWS, SWS, SWS, SWS . Housewife Santa ironer, you fight against dirt and damage, teach me to leave the house, like jets of gold SWS, SWS, SWS, SWS, SWS ... Housewife Santa Cleanser, you sing sound, healthy, frog ass teach me a remedy for if not to cure cure tomorrow today SWS, SWS, SWS, SWS, SWS ... Housewife Santa Nurse, that shoots your chest give, teach me to live with joy of motherhood teach me a remedy for if not to cure cure tomorrow today Santa Tailor Housewife to carefully cut and sewn at least teach me to sew a shirt-button Housewife Santa Nurse, that shoots your chest give, teach me to live with joy of motherhood Oh, what joy! Home at Last ... Ugh! No. You do not even want I can answer, I'm having an affair! What folly! I have to put order: dusting, hanging clothes, tupper prepare for school children. Oops, my niñossssss! I'm already late to go pick up: Mary - English, Ramon - football ... Also I have to tell grandparents to eat together on Sunday. And remind me to book time for the hairdressing, I have to touch up the highlights. Besides the nearby told me that reforms are on the ladder. Right now I'm leaving on a trip with the brass to define the new challenges of business Oh, strawberry yogurt, I've forgotten in the supermarket! To you Santas Amas de Casa skillful, needy, regidoras cozy, communicators, educators Mistresses and Slaves, Saints that vigiláis the recesses of the home and you seek the welfare of those who inhabit addressed by this praise. To you Santas Amas de Casa wives, mothers, nurses ironers, cooks, seamstresses Compiler of wisdom knowledgeable home routines and schedules Mistresses and Slaves, Saints perceive you as a halo of light slowly dies in our time. Mistresses and Slaves, Saints I owe you dialogue with your objects, their conversion and artistic recreation. Accept it oh Santas Amas de Casa! This work of art that seeks to exalt and figure yourself out as unique and complete. Stay with your wisdom in our memories e iluminadnos before your termination, as well. CELEBRATING THE DAY PROCESSION OF THE WORKING WOMAN SWS visit to the Holy Housewives in the windows of the Raval to learn home and apply their wisdom today. March 6, 2009 2 nd exhibition of Karol Bergeret route to the sculpture project Santas Amas de Casa, an endangered species HOST: VIDEO: Joan Lara (director) Love Light Films (cameras) Mariona (text) Cristina (voice) dj.Neet (mantra) Sambao (batucada) TEB (team) COLLABORATE: Sesita (press) Montserrat (graphics solutions) and Martha Elizabeth (producer) Vicky (styling) Miguel (costume and production manager) Keko (production) Gabari (illustration) Juanchi (photography) Tucho (file) WITH ALL THE LOVE TO:

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Duration: 9 minutes and 35 seconds
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Producer: Karol Bergeret y Love Light Films
Director: Joan Lara
Views: 186
Posted by: kbergeret on Sep 30, 2010

la SuperWomanShiva visita a las Santas Amas de Casa expuestas en los escaparates del Raval
para aprender su sabiduría hogareña y aplicarla en nuestros días.

6 de marzo 2009

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