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8 Climate Tales II

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Welcome back to South America. Good news! I discovered. We have a sub-marine mode. We noticed. We're trying to get back to the surface. I thought we were trying to make toast. Aww! That's easy we just need to coangulate our charged propalifters Warning! Code red! Warning! Warning? Let me guess. We're at the bottom of the ocean. Our propalifters aren't charged? We're out of jam? No, low phytoplankton levels have been detected in the water. You know, phytoplankton. Tiny plants. Okay, phytoplankton provide about 50% of the world's oxygen. You have never heard of it? Wow! 50%? Yes! Like all plants plankton take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. And there's normally a lot of plankton during this. But I have detected that the Earth now has 40% less plankton than my last reading in 1950. So, that's not good? Short answer - No. Long answer - No, you ignorant hippo. I'm a polar bear. So, instead of oxygen maybe we can just learn to breathe carbon dioxide. Oxygen isn't the only thing phytoplankton provide. They are also source of food for Krill, a very tiny shrimp like creature. And Krill are in turn a source of food for some of the largest animals on the planet, such as baleen whales. Can't the whales eat something else? You are really not a very bright hippo. Are you? They sound sad. Oh! We gotta help those big fish. Okay. A. Whales are mammals not fish. and B. Thanks for volunteering. Eh? You need to swim this tube up to the ocean's surface. I am not going anywhere. What's with the tube? Obviously you have never seen a krill producing machine before. It's not a krill producing. Okay! Let's try this. As I told you whales feed on krill, krill feed on phytoplankton and phytoplankton feed on nutrients in the water. Like all plants, phytoplankton also need sunlight for photosynthesis. This means that they can only live near the surface of the ocean where the Sun's rays can reach them. But obviously, the phytoplankton will eventually use up all of the nutrients up there. Obviously. Fortunately, there are more nutrients in the water beneath them. But the warmer the surface water is the more it will float on the colder denser water below and prevent the nutrient rich cold water from reaching the plankton. So, the plankton starve. But hasn't surface water always been warmer than deeper water because of the Sun? Yes, but previously the temperatures were similar enough that wave action could mix things up. Unfortunately, the surface water has now become too warm so there's little mixing going on. So what do we do? One, we need to stop with your ridiculous hippo questions. And two, we need to mix the cold and warm water up. A little vacuum action should do the trick. Allow me. Oops ! I meant this one. It's getting greener up there. Here come the krill. And now the whales are feeding. Waow! They are really going to town. Yes, whales eat about 8000 pounds of krill per day during their feeding season. Who knew one tiny little plant could affect the entire planet in such a big way producing so much oxygen and food. And that isn't all. Phytoplankton also removes the excess carbon dioxide from the air that humans have created by burning so much coal and oil. Without enough phytoplankton, we end up with too much carbon dioxide which causes global warming and kills off even more phytoplankton. How ironic! Indeed Mr.Hippo. Indeed. Polar bear. Thanks for the tip. And now take us home please, computer. Computer? I think the battery is dead. Oh well! I can program the coordinates myself. Next step. Polar bear's home in the Arctic circle. I believe that when I see it. Aww good riddance! I finally got back to the ocean and I am not going anywhere. Oh dammit!

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8 Climate Tales II

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