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Time Travel? Time hiself teach you: What is and Origin of Time!

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: A Chat with Time 1 This is the construct 'time', communicating with you 'Here' about my, 'existence'. Time, the manifestation of 'time', originated indication of 'the origin of time'. when, 'a point', started As a, 'beginning'. A beginning, of something, or someone, is an 'indication', of an origin starting point, 'of time'. and, the beginning, of 'time', where time, originated from, was the moment, this creation, this world, 'was set in motion'. So the definition of 'time', is when a beginning 'point' is set in 'motion'. Fascinating. What had happened, is the following: 'Here'. the expression, of 'Here'. Within, and as the expression of Here exist, 'everything', and 'all' of this, existence. what has been, what is, and what will be. Let's say the, "designers" or creators of, what we, and within which we 'and as which we' experience ourselves, at the moment. 'took' the expression of 'Here', within and as which everything, and all, exist 'Rolled it up', within a spiral As, how, you, refer to as the, fibonacci spiral design. Had a beginning (spire down), and an end, (strength) and 'spiraled' Beings 'believe', or think or perceive the, fibonacci spiral originate from, 'the bottom up', spiraling upwards, when, in fact it is, 'the other way around' fibonacci spiral, downwards. and has, indeed got a 'beginning', and an 'end'. As the above, and the below, was taken, and connected. (circle) and in that 'formation' the 'infinity'(∞), symbol, was 'brought to existence' so to speak. Now. the infinity(∞) symbol, is the 'entrapment of time'. Within a, manifested, 'symbol', so to speak. Infinity, does not exist - 'Here'. So 'time', is, interestingly enough the 'original' expression here, of 'Here', where all, of everything, exists That was, compressed, 'spiraled' (down), connected manifesting the, infinity(∞), symbol, design within which 'time', is 'trapped'? So to speak what do I mean by: 'time', being 'trapped'. Within the, infinity(∞) symbol, 'design' Creation, was established. Meaning, 'the essence', within which this existence, existed, a fabric, thereof. Exist, within and as the infinity(∞), symbol. so what has been happening is, beings have gone from the beginning (left), to the end(right). From the end back to the beginning(left). from the beginning back to the end(right). from the end back to the beginning(∞), so the cycles have constantly continued Throughout eons of time since the, origination of this 'creation, this existence' within which, we exist That is why, time is 'trapped', so to speak. Because, it's being played 'ping pong' with, so to speak. Being shot back from beginning, 'to end' from end, to beginning, from beginning to end, from end to beginning. an infinite, 'enslavement', to time. So time has been manifested, within the 'constructed symbol', of infinity(∞), originating from, the expression of 'Here'. Which was 'compressed' and spiraled So the question obviously is, then: What is time? Time, is that, which has a beginning and that, which has an end. Time, Has been designed, within the, perceptual, 'belief' that infinity(∞) 'exists', when infinity is but time, trapped, into cycles of, beginning and end. and then back to beginning, back to end. Instead of having a beginning and an end, and then no more existing. So time was a, design, of this 'creation'. To enslave human beings within perceptual belief of 'infinity'. (sigh) Time does not exist, infinity does not exist Thank you. Please join us for Discussion: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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