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Margaret Thatcher- In her own words

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Where there is discord, may we bring harmony.

Where there is error, may we bring truth. Where there is doubt, may we bring faith. And where there is despair, may we bring hope. To those waiting with bated breath for that favourite media catchphrase, the "U-turn", I have only one thing to say: "You turn if you want to". The lady's not for turning. A commander of the operation has sent the following message: "Be pleased to inform Her Majesty that the White Ensign flies alongside the Union Jack in South Georgia. God save the Queen". What happens ...-Thank you very much Just rejoice at that news and congratulate our forces and the Marines. How are we...- Goodnight. I think it could only be in Britain that a Prime Minister was accused of sinking an enemy ship that was a danger to our navy, when my main motive was to protect the boys in our navy, that was my main motive, and I'm very proud of it. One day, all the facts will be revealed, and it will indicate as I have said. The bomb went off somewhere between 2.45 and 3.00, I know that because I looked up when I finished something at 2.45, and I just turned to do one final paper. And then, it went off. My husband was in bed, and all the windows were... and the bathroom was extremely.... We were very lucky. The fact that we are gathered here now, shocked, but composed, and determined, is a sign not only that this attack has failed, but that all attempts to destroy democracy by terrorism will fail. We have become a grandmother of a grandson, called Michael. Well, a Parliamentary private secretary, Peter Morrison, was there to talk to her, give her the news directly, but I'd have thought now there would be a long series of confrontations, backwards and forwards to London. Now...the Prime Minister is behind you, John. Mrs. Thatcher, could I ask you to comment? Good evening, good evening. (It's here, this is the mike) I'm naturally very pleased that I got more than half the parliamentary party, and disappointed that it's not quite enough to win on the first ballot, so I confirm it is my intention to let my name go forward for the second ballot. Ladies and gentlemen, we're leaving Downing Street for the last time, after eleven and a half wonderful years,

and we are very happy that we leave the United Kingdom in a very very much better state than when we came here, eleven and a half years ago. Thank you very much. Goodbye.

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